google nexus one

Google Nexus One is apparently the name of the Google phone that was leaked with some pictures yesterday. Story is that the device was given to all Googlers for testing and it is expected to hit the market as soon as next month.

The key points are that there are no associated wireless carriers - you just plug in any SIM card you want; it looks just like an HTC Passion but it is not branded with HTC logo in any way.

Does it have GPS? We don’t know. Nobody has the actual specs on this phone other than the fact that it’ll have Snapdragon processor. But you can bet your life it’ll have GPS with A-GPS support.

Engadget has more speculations:

  • likely to be called something other Nexus One when it comes out
  • given to Googlers on the 10th of December
  • possibly 3.7-inch AMOLED display, 5 megapixel camera


3 Responses to “google nexus one”

  1. Jason Says:

    This phone looks to be very intresting! I cannot wait to see when it comes out. It seems to rumors are January 5th…

  2. Taimur Khan Says:

    Google nexus one is already out … guy named paul from modaco has named it super boot … you can use it on your acer liquid …

    enjoy !!

  3. Eval Blog Says:

    Excited to get the NEXUS one. However, there is a glitch for anyone on a TMobile Family Plan. Nexus One only will let you upgrade a line if it is an “individual plan”. That being said, if you try to call Tmobile and pull a line out to individualize it, that negates your eligibility, because then you start a “new 2 yr.” contract, thus still making your phone line not eligible for the Nexus One through Google. After calling both Tmobile and Google customer care (18888-216-4736), I was disappointed to hear the only way around this “family plan” issue is to buy the NEXUS at full price! I don’t want the phone enough to pay almost $600 for it. So no thanks.

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