Palm Pre tweets GPS coordinates

Do you want your Palm Pre to tweet its location on a regular basis? Now you can. But you’ll have to do some “hacking” as one might call it. Before anything you’ll have to setup SSH and dynamic DNS on your Pre. Does that mean anything to you? OK, here is a simple test. If the next line scares you, maybe you should not mess with your Palm Pre:

< ?php
$gps = `luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.location/getCurrentPosition {} 2>&1 | cut -d, -f4,5 | sed -r ’s/[^-\.0-9,]//g’`;

What? You can write shorter regular expression that does the same thing? Well… here are the rest of the instructions.

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  1. Palm Pre tweets GPS coordinates - Gadget Reviews Says:

    [...] Palm Pre tweets GPS coordinates [...]

  2. Nabih T. Abdelmajid Says:

    I am a student in UK, Working with GPS. Can you please send a details about:
    1. Reading a location coordinates and transfere it to a field on a website.
    2. Many academic studies said: It is not easy for any entity in cyberspace to pretend to be in any place but where its LSS actually is. Please send any link or studies that agree or disagree this academic says.

    My regards
    Nabih Abdelmajid

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