Cobra 7700 PRO

Cobra has been very quiet recently - but that doesn’t mean they forgot about the professional drivers out there. They just recently announced 7700 PRO, a GPS navigation and routing tool specifically designed to the needs of the professional driver. It utilizes a lot of truck-specific data that helps them optimize routes and arrive at destinations in the most efficient and economical way possible.

The 7700 PRO has a huge 7″ touch screen in 16:9 aspect ratio, and features text-to-speech guidance with loud turn-by-turn direction. Your purchase will include 3 months of unlimited downloads from Cobra’s AURA Camera & Driving Hazard Database, which alerts drivers to the locations of fixed speed and red-light cameras, dangerous intersections and known speed traps. An extra smart feature is you can always switch the Cobra 7700 to run in “car” mode - so drivers can take it with them in their personal vehicles.

With Cobra 7700 PRO they partnered with ProMiles and TruckDown Info International, Inc. to include more than 33000 truck-specific points of interest (POIs) such as routable travel center locations, detailed amenity information, fueling stations, restaurants, heavy duty towing, truck and trailer repair shops, truck-friendly hotels and weigh scales, plus the usual 12 million standard POIs.

As you’d normally expect from other truck specific GPS navigation system the 7700 PRO can calculate your route based on the vehicle’s height, width and weight and provides complete coverage data including STAA National Highway Network and Access Roads; National Bridge Inventory List; National HazMat Route Registry; and detailed truck data for the lower 48 States and Canada.

The Cobra 7700 PRO will go for $580 when it comes out in October.

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7 Responses to “Cobra 7700 PRO”

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  4. steve s Says:

    I own this model not happy with it the lack of features i would go with a garmin

  5. joe Says:

    i like this system

  6. joe Says:

    all good

  7. Sharon Says:

    Hunk of Junk. I live in an area where the streets are numbered, rather than having names. Cannot add to address book or even enter by street number. Takes the longest possible route no matter whether I set it for shortest time or shortest distance. I had a Nav One before and loved it. This is worthless - won’t even take me home. Good thing I know my way!

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