hack your Nokia N95 for better GPS reception

Do you have problems with your GPS reception on your Nokia N95? How about some soldering skills? If you’re brave enough you can open your N95 and remove the default GPS antenna and instead stick in an 8″ speaker wire in there and wrap all over your N95 before closing it back up. You should follows the instructions and read comments here though.

The poster of this hack claims you can get a satellite lock in 5 - 10 seconds - even indoors. However doesn’t share if this is after a cold - or a warm - or a hot start.

Give it a shot - why don’t you?

16 Responses to “hack your Nokia N95 for better GPS reception”

  1. hack your Nokia N95 for better GPS reception - Newest Gadget Reviews Says:

    […] hack your Nokia N95 for better GPS reception […]

  2. Arturka Says:

    Very nice ^)

  3. Nikesha Says:

    Very good reception

  4. Gerusha Says:

    This is realy work?

  5. Albina Says:

    oh so good, i will be try )

  6. Vasilinka Says:

    So it is? Only for Nokia?

  7. Petoha Says:

    This is realy work?

  8. Galya Says:

    Вот если бы по русски.

  9. zero200 Says:

    This upgrade helps me everytime i use gps.

  10. Jim Says:

    If i do this i will lost my warranty?

  11. Benediktich Says:

    Whether and the method approaches for Nokia N70???

  12. Marinusha Says:

    Thanks! Phone began to work is better!

  13. ekosch Says:

    that’s not work on my n95-1,
    the gps signal still poor,
    any one have other idea to make
    n95 gps antenna mighty?

  14. visionl Says:

    omg its amazing! why the f*ck didn’t nokia discover this before the release… I have almost an inmediate fix and don’t need stupid a-gps (needs gprs or 3g connection) anymore.
    TNX A LOT!

    PS don’t forget to follow instructions!!!

  15. fiq Says:

    what kind of wire that u use?

  16. Lukirio Says:

    its really works . i tried this on N95(made 3 h in the night :) and i got full signal strenght at my home :) thx

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