Asus T91GO

About a month ago we announced the Asus T91; a netbook sized tablet computer with integrated GPS. Today we have a few more details:

There will be three versions: T91, T91GO, and T91A. According to our source the standard T91 won’t have GPS, but the T91GO will feature both GPS, 3G, and even digital TV tuner. T91A on the other hand differs from the rest by offering Windows 7 and a multi touch screen.

2 Responses to “Asus T91GO”

  1. Bob Says:

    Do you have any idea about when the Asus t91a Multi Touch Tablet Netbook
    will be released?
    Also, can you estimate how much it will be priced at?

  2. Jalal Hoseini Says:

    any idea about the release time of T91GO?!
    I`m waiting for that :(

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