QStarz QFinder review

Back in June we announced QStarz QFinder back tracking device. They shipped us a sample unit and we thought we’d do short review of this little GPS device.

OK, first thing first. What is this QStarz QFinder? Basically It is a handheld GPS device that lets you mark your position so you can come back to it when you need to. It obviously utilises GPS technology, but also features an electronic compass.

Let’s first talk about the hardware: QStarz QFinder uses the very popular SiRF Star III GPS receiver chipset. It can track 20 satellites at once and has a sensitivity of -159dBm. There’s no A-GPS here though so you may wait on average 42 seconds for a satellite fix from a cold start. The first day we got this we had to wait more than that. It weighs about 100 grams without the batteries - so it may not be not the lightest thing in your pocket. Speaking of carrying the device - it comes with a fake leather case and a more useful neck lanyard.

As far as power QStarz QFinder relies on two AAA batteries and claims to last up to 12 hours on a pair. Even though we haven’t tested energy consumption the couple Duracells we put it in still shows 3 bars (full) after several days of testing. The battery compartment can be opened or closed without any tools since it has a metal hook. You can just twist it shut with two fingers or use a coin.

The display is 33×42 mm in size and looks really sharp when the blue backlight comes on. It is also very readable under direct sunglight - however not so much with polarized sunglasses. But that’s your problem.

This GPS back tracker is water resistant (IPX-6 - able to resist powerful water jets from any angle) and feels very sturdy and solid. The front and back are good quality plastic and the sides are rubber - covering the 2 buttons - which feels good to hold. In fact with the lanyard attached it can be converted into a sling club to hunt small mammals.

OK enough with hardware. Let’s talk about features. QStarz QFinder can remember up to 4 locations. All you have to do is switch to one of A, B, C, or D and hold down the left button. Don’t worry, if you don’t have satellite fix it won’t let you mark it. That simple. Want to track back to your location? Just switch whichever location you marked. And the compass will point toward your location and the screen will show your distance to it - getting smaller as you get closer to the marked spot. You really can’t mess up using this device.

There are no settings to confuse you. You’re either tracking back to one of your four spots, using it as a compass, or just checking out the temperature. Oh yes, it shows temperature too. Celcius or fahrenheit. Speaking of units, the distance can be displayed either in meters or miles. To change from metric to imperial units just hold both buttons for 3 seconds.

Setting time is pretty easy too. You just have to enter your time zone. Hours/minutes/seconds - all acquired from GPS data.

Now - pros and cons:


  • Very very easy to operate
  • Built sturdy
  • Blue back light looks great


  • Easy to overwrite your marked location
  • Not very light
  • directional arrow only has 45 degree resolution (if your marked spot is at NNW QFinder will either point you to N or NW)

UPDATE: You can pick it up from semsons for $70.

See more pics…

3 Responses to “QStarz QFinder review”

  1. QStarz QFinder review « Hotzomanu Blog Says:

    […] Continued here: QStarz QFinder review […]


    HII..this looks an excellent device for me and my group who go on camping a lot…we use traditional compass but still have difficulties coming back to our camp place…Qstarz GPS is an excellent device…can it be used for backtracking more than one location simultaneously???

  3. Madeleine Says:

    Hello, How could I make the compass work? E.i. only the compass, the other functions (backtrack and temperature)work fine. When I switch to compass mode it just goes twinkling, and the display says 000. How can I find the compass? What does the arrow below represent in this mode? 0 arrow.. ??? I am far away from home, do not have the proper manual with me.
    Very greatful for your help
    Kind regards

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