Holux M-1000C giveaway

Remember the Holux M-1000C bluetooth GPS logger we talked about end of last year and reviewed back in Februray? No? It is OK. We’re still giving it away to a lucky reader - that is if you bother to leave a comment below. It only takes a few clicks - and no registration is required.

Visit the Holux M-1000C product page for more information.

Like we just mentioned to qualify you’ll need to leave a comment below with an email address we can reach you at and subscribe to our feed (and while you’re at it participate in our GPS polls).

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We will ship this out to a U.S. address only. Sorry rest of the world. Also duplicate entries, emails, IP addresses will be disqualified.

We’ll close this article for comments a week from today and after that we’ll announce the winner.

Good luck.

42 Responses to “Holux M-1000C giveaway”

  1. Rich Says:

    I’ve been subscribed for a while now… great site.

  2. Tom Says:

    Interesting poll.

  3. freddyb Says:

    Yes please! Oh, and Garmin FTW.

  4. swissfreek Says:

    Ooh, please pick me!

  5. Arthur Martineau Says:

    Thanks for giving away great stuff!

  6. Danny Says:

    I would like that, thank you.

  7. Jim Says:

    Nice Bluetooth GPS!

  8. kpg Says:

    Could use one

  9. Carol W Says:

    Thank you for this great website.

  10. Jenn Says:

    Christmas in April. Fun

  11. Twinsenw Says:

    This would be fun with my nature summer camp kids. I could show them where we trekked when we hike in the preserve.

  12. Mark Says:

    I’d love to play with this thing.

    Thanks for keeping up with GPS stuff for me!

  13. Spyros Says:

    Great work! Keep it up!

  14. Michael Vladimirsky Says:

    Thanks for an opportunity to win free stuff.
    Keep up great job !!!

    Kind Regards

  15. Maxim Says:

    been subscribed for a while. neat device too.

  16. Scott Lewis Says:

    Awesome… if I win that is. :)

  17. Jon Says:

    Love the site… and the give-aways!

  18. gatorguy Says:

    Had looked at a few loggers, trying to justify the purchase. Gatting this one would solve that issue.

  19. Mikhail Says:

    I’ll take one, pretty please! And the feed is what allows me to see these giveways :)

  20. Carolyn G Says:

    Voted, subscribed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. frankie Says:

    tried to win the $90 million Powerball but didn’t.
    Maybe i can win this…
    and I actually need a logger.

  22. Clint Says:

    I love GPS gadgets!

  23. Dan Page Says:

    Sign me up!

  24. Ron Says:


  25. David Says:

    I sure would love to win!!

  26. mkss55442 Says:

    I can use this!

  27. Ralf Says:

    I’m confused. So this thingy could at least tell me where I was. But, where am I now?

  28. Mark Bethoney Says:

    Giving it a shot!

  29. Alex D. Says:

    Sweet! Thanks Navigadget!

  30. Brian Says:

    New to GPS and really enjoy this site! Thanks for the giveaways!

  31. Shela W. Says:

    Go Navi Go!

  32. Heinrich Says:

    I now have a regular logger, but Bluetooth would be really nice to use with my Blackberry Curve!

  33. Justin Says:

    I guess Garmin takes it. Hope I win.

  34. matula Says:

    pick me please!

  35. Stever Says:

    As expected…Garmin kicked butt! But with the new, more competitively priced GPS units (ie. Magellan) coming out, is price going to be Garmin’s down fall?? In this economy…time will tell fairly fast!!

  36. K Benson Says:

    I have used holux m-1000 with our pda’s for grid soil sampling. It works, and it’s all about time and pinpoint accuracy. We have used other brands cf gps, but holux for grid soil sampling is faster and more reliable. It shows during the growing season when crops still look healthy across the field not yellow streaked. The producers save money from not having to put the highest amount of fertilizer all across the field and it helps the environment but not putting extra fertilizer in runoff water that goes into streams and lakes. If it is more accurate for us, then it will be superior for someone who uses this for navigation for road or outdoors hiking. It works on our phones, pocket pc and computers flawlessly. It was one of the easiest wireless gps for our electronics to find, pair and function smoothly. I am think about buying the new holux m-1000c to see how it performs compared to the holux m-1000.

  37. Ben K. Says:

    pick me!!!

  38. raul pared Says:

    boy do I need this piece of tech

  39. bothug Says:

    i need it!

  40. Holger Says:

    Yay, another give-away! Put me down for a Holux!

  41. Pete N. Says:

    Looks like a great little device. Bluetooth would help cut another cord.

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