GPS E-care Hub

While we were back at CES 2009 we came across really innovative devices and ideas. One of them was the GPS E-Care Hub called C103. Manufactured by GroupSense of Hong Kong, E-Care Hub is designed for patient tracking.

It has some amazing features that will help the care givers by giving them the ability to keep track of their patients remotely. It does GPS tracking which is also supported by server side features such as geo-fencing, and even A-GPS to make indoor tracking easier. It has a panic key which after pressed activates the voice monitor using the GSM module. Other patient focused features include fall detection, pedometer, and the ability to communicate with other health sensors.

GPS E-Care Hub comes with a charging dock and the necessary accessories to attach to a patient, like a wrist band. We hope none of our readers ever have to wear one of these at a hospital but if you ever do please feel free to write up a short review for us. More pics after the jump…


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