Clarion NX509

Clarion NX509 is a new addition to Clarion’s in car entertainment line-up. NX509 is a 2-DIN system that has built-in navigation and supports media from CDs, DVDs, and USB sticks and can read MP3 and WMA formats.

It has a 7″ touch screen LCD monitor however also does 2 zone entertainment. There’s a USB port in the back fro iPod Control in addition to being ready for XM Satellite Mini Tuner, and CeNET Sirius Satellite Radio.

You can also soup up your Clarion NX509 with optional additions such as the steering wheel remote, bluetooth connectivity, and more.

We’re not sure when Clarion NX509 will hit the stores or for how much but we’ll be sure to give you an update when it does.

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