Azentek SmartMirror

We’ve talked about the SmartMirror here on Navigadget before. We went to Azentek booth and checked their product again at CES 2009.

Their press release we picked up says they’re shipping the SmartMirror and the VP of Sales said “initial sales skyrocketed creating back-orders after launching August, mainly through car dealerships and 12-Volt retailers”, which would explain why we still can’t find this online anywhere.

Anyways, in 2009 they’ll be upgrading the 4″ digital screen in the mirror to a 4.3″ display and make it available for $800. And it still supports a rear view camera.

If you’ve seen this online or at a store do let us know.

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  1. Warren Says:

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  4. Mario Says:

    We sell the Mirror in the netherlands. mirrors arrived yesterday. They have Dutch language and text now. Gr Mario

  5. NiMRod Says:

    We sell this product in our french online boutique, we retail the SmartMirror at 499,95€ 17 units available as of writing. The link is here:-

    Best Regards,

  6. Pete Says:

    Escort…yeah, the radar detector company, has been selling this online for about 2 months. I think $800 is a sham, and won’t touch it until some competition gets it down in the $400 ballpark.
    Sabine has a mount that allows you to attach a regular unit to the side of your rearview mirror. No back up camera…but its only $45 (plus the cost of a good bluetooth unit)

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