new Cobra GPS Radar Detectors with Aura database

Cobra today introduced their new Advanced Universal Road Alert (AURA) database that stores GPS coordinates of speed and red-light cameras and driving hazards. The most annoying thing about these devices are of course false positives and here is how Cobra makes sure their alerts are accurate:

…by communicating directly with municipal police departments, traffic bureaus, state transportation agencies and proprietary data partners to guarantee that every single alert is accurate

There are already six AURA-ready devices offered by Cobra. Two of those are the high-end radar detectors XRS 9960G and XRS R10G. XRS 9960G and XRS R10G will cost $389 and $439 respectively and a lifetime AURA database subscription is included in that price. And if you want to add it on to your already existing, AURA-ready radar detector you can expect to pay somewhere between $209 to $339. To check their full selection go here.

7 Responses to “new Cobra GPS Radar Detectors with Aura database”

  1. Jeff Castillo Says:

    Wow - that is pretty expensive compared to the GPS Angel.

  2. Cobra Detector Says:

    Cobra radar detectors are the best!

  3. clemente casillas Says:

    is there a gps and a radar detector in one

  4. radar detectors Says:

    yes, cobra are meybe the best car radar detectors, but if you compare quality/price ratio, then it will turn out that bel radar detectors are the best

  5. radar warners Says:


    Tolles Blog! Immer weiter so, ich schaue bestimmt öfter hier vorbei….

  6. Mrs.Hanna Says:

    new Cobra GPS Radar Detectors with Aura database that’s great and very useful to us.thanks to share it..

  7. Tracy Says:

    They used the pattern of the escort radar detectors and that’s because they already trapped once in this kind of case too.

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