Holux GPSport 245 review

As a rule, Men don’t need for directions. Now with that statement you probably think I’m going to be writing about a GPS Navigation Unit, but in fact I’m talking about the Holux GPSport 245 which is so easy to use that you don’t need to look at the directions! See how that first line makes sense now?

I’ve played with some of the GPS sport recorders out there and for some of them you definitely need to read the manual to understand how to get into all the different modes. Not with the Holux GPSport 245 though. With the dimensions of 82 x 53 x 23 mm and weighing in at 72g, this little device weighs has a large and very well organized screen.


There are six buttons on the unit. One each on the Left and Right side (Back/Esc and Enter respectively) and then on the front of the unit below the LCD are 4 function keys.

More than just the advantage of having six buttons, on every screen the GPSport 245 displays what options you have for each button. You may not think this is a big deal but I’m sick of trying to remember what combination of holding down two buttons turns on the Bluetooth or switches the Units from Metric to Imperial. This unit is very easy to use and configure. It has a menu button that has a Quick Setup guide, where you can set your mode (Biking, Running, Walking, Vehicle), your weight and how often you want the screen to toggle between functions (Show Speed, Altitude, Distance, Calories Burned, etc). Unfortunately, since the buttons are rubberized and sealed for the Waterproof feature, they are hard to press and sometimes do not work the first time.


Let’s take a look at the Holux GPSport 245 specs and features:


Key Features

  • GPS positioning & logger
  • Auto Flip Page - Cycles through information (Speed, Altitude, Calories Burned, Distance) at tunable intervals (Manual, 5s, 10s, 30s, 60seconds)
  • Set an Alert for (Time, Speed, Distance)
  • Calorie Calculation with 3 modes (Biking, Running, Walking)
  • Auto Log Function (starts log when satellite signal is fixed)
  • Single touch POI (Point Of Interest) recording
  • Metric and Imperial Unit support
  • On screen clock with time zone setting support in both 12:00 and 24:00 time format

We’ve talked about the size of the unit and the buttons. The GPSport 245 has 4 modes it can work in: Biking, Running, Walking, and Vehicle. The first three modes are also used to calculate how many calories one burns during a trip. If the GPSport 245 could figure out how many calories you’re burning while driving then it’s a truly incredible device but most likely you’re like me and tend to be putting on the calories at this time (but good calories I’ll need for when I get to Everest base camp for my hike of course)

The Home/Up button brings you to a screen with a nice wooden sign picture that tells you what direction your ‘home’ is. In this menu you can show your current GPS coordinates and show/set the coordinates for your destination (Finder Point). One features I’d like to see added to the unit is the ability to save some of the Finder Points so you can have a ‘Home’ or starting location and also have set the destination of interest. The GPSport 245 indicates which direction you are traveling and automatically updates the distance to the Finder Point, which was great when I was trying to find my house because all houses look the same in the suburbs where I live. Likewise it was an easy way to tell how far I’ve traveled from my starting point.

The unit displays several pages of information and you can set the device to automatically flip through them at 4 different intervals or you can manually do so with the Page/Down button. The different pages displayed are for:

  • Compass & Current Speed
  • Max & Average Speed
  • Altitude & Altitude Variance
  • Calories Burned & Total Calories Burned Today
  • Distance Traveled & Time Elapsed

The current speed page is setup like an analog dashboard meter. This is more useful way to display the real-time speed when you’re using the GPS unit in the car or biking than when you’re hiking or walking. I had a little bit of difficulty with the Max & Average Speed page on one of my treks. Somewhere in during my run, the unit said I hit a max speed of 60mph. Now I did pick it up a notch when I was running across 6 lanes of traffic and I’ve been told I’m a pretty fast sprinter but 60mph…I don’t think so! I was a bit annoyed at this because it made the whole Max/Avg speed page useless for the rest of my trip unless I saved my info and started a fresh trip from where I was. The GPSport 245 also has a Menu page where you can see the History of your trips without having to connect it to the computer and upload your logs. You can also lock certain logs so they cannot be deleted from the unit itself.

The Enter Key on the right side of the unit also serves as a One-Touch mechanism for saving a POI (Point of Interest). If along your travels you see something of interest you can simply hit the button once and it will mark the spot so when you upload your data log to your PC you can use the Holux software which uses Google Maps to show your route and there will be a mark for all your POI’s. You can also save the data as *.kmz files so you can open up your locations in the Google Earth application.


This is particularly useful if you have taken pictures along the way because the Holux GPSport 245 also doubles as a GPS logger so the software matches the timestamp of your picture with the data logged and updates your photograph file with comments and GPS information or GeoTag (if you want to use the buzz word). If your camera and GPSport 245 have different time zone settings or off on their clock settings by just a little bit, the software has a feature to allow you to shift your photo time by any specified days, hours, minutes and/or seconds so you can sync up and add your GPS information. The software also allows you to upload your photos to Flickr, arguably the best known online photo management and sharing application.


The software also shows a Speed or Altitude graph, or both at the same time. The points with photos are marked with squares on the graph. On the graph you can pan left, pan right, zoom in, zoom out in the altitude graph.

The user manual goes into detail about all the features of the included software. However, note that the software user manual is in softcopy only and is installed on your system when the software is loaded. Here is what does actually come in the box:

  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • AC Adapter
  • Warranty Card
  • Software Installation CD
  • Bike Mount Kit (rubber pad, 2 plastic mounting pieces, 3 Black Cable Ties)

The Bike Mount Kit mounts stable enough and has a latch to keep the unit in place and eaily remove it from the mount. I would have liked to have arm band for the unit to use for running/hiking because I found myself holding the GPSport 245 in my hand when I was running instead of having it bounce around in my pocket and to avoid having buttons accidentally pressed, which in hindsight is unlikely because it takes some force to push these buttons in!

holux-gps-245-usb-coverThe unit is charged with an included USB cable. The mini-USB port on the unit has a rubber cover which actually pulls out almost ½” for when you need to plug I the cable.

It’s the little things that make me happy because I was thrilled when I saw this! I hate when the rubber cover on electronic units bends just slightly so you can plug in the cable but you know it’s a strain on the rubber and the cover will break after just 10 times. I didn’t drain the battery fully but after 18 hours the battery was only half drained according to the battery indicator.

I am a fan of the Holux GPSport 245 Outdoor GPS. The ease of configuration and navigation of the unit was my favorite part. I couldn’t find any information about the IPX-6 waterproof rating except that the unit is dust tight. I did take a walk which happened to turn into a shower as the rain came down on me and the unit was fine in my hands. The buttons are hard to press but that tends to be a given with sporty waterproofing. Other than that the unit worked very well for me except when it indicated my New Balance sneakers allowed me to go from 3.3mph to 60+mph in a few seconds. But that was a one time fluke that I could not reproduce. I’m guessing I might have dropped my bag quickly and that could have caused it to track itself as going a small distance extremely fast.

-by Gautam Khattak

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  1. First post of 2009: Holux GPSport 245 review :Cogswappr Says:

    […] For the full write up visit: Navigadget […]

  2. DeMody Says:

    Very thorough review. This unit seems perfect for outdoors.

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  4. Cogswappr Says:

    You don’t need no stinkin Garmin Edge 405, get this for 1/10th the price!…

    Holux has released a new gadget(M-1000C) with only one purpose: GPS logging. The unit simply records your route via GPS which you can then upload to your PC via Bluetooth for later analysis.
    The software is the same as is used with the Holux GPSport 2…

  5. Holux M-1000C Bluetooth GPS Logger | Go and Track GPS Tracking Says:

    […] The software is the same as another Holux device the GPSport 245 I reviewed back in January […]

  6. Michael Says:

    Maplin electronics in the UK has these reduced from £129 to £79. I think I’ll get one.

  7. Ed Says:

    I bought one just a few weeks ago for £129 :o(

    Am generaly very pleased but have had a few issues which I’m having difficulty resolving due to language barrier between me and chinese support team. They are very polite and appear to be trying hard to help but communication is very difficult.

    Main issue at present is that after upgrading to the latest version…

    GPSport 245 special FW update package_En 2009-04-02 .rar

    …the distance to a “Finder Point” is way out when imperial units are selected although metric is fine. For example a finder point approximately 1Km distant showed up as only 950 ft.

    Workaround at present is to use metric rather than imperial which as it turns out is not so bad.

    I still think it’s an excellent little device and the software works well, even producing complete html code so you can embed route and associated photos in your website using google maps.

    Oh and it did lock up at one point and would not respond to any of the buttons. To be fair I had been changing the units setting back and forth and I think the little fella just got confused. Only started to work again after the battery ran out (more than 24 hours later) and the charger was inserted.

  8. Stonez Says:


    …the distance to a “Finder Point” is way out when imperial units are selected although metric is fine. For example a finder point approximately 1Km distant showed up as only 950 ft.

    This is issue is solved, please upgrade your firmware V1.02 or wait for V1.03 release soon.

  9. Stonez Says:

    Sorry, guys.
    V1.02 or V1.03 won’t have the drawing track log function though…..

  10. Mark Says:

    Ive bought one from maplin last week, they are £69 and highly recommended. The unit works well and It has certainly given me an insight into my routes so that I can see any improvements and looking at the off road stuff on Google earth and Maps ids great, its definately a useful and cheap gadget. I have not tried Walking yet but riding and running is great. Does anyone know if there is a holder to buy for when walking, ie clip on belt etc? There is a Bike mount, but I dont really want to carry the thing in my hand while Im hiking so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I dont know which bits I can cover up by the case either, I assume if I cover up too much I lose the Satellite signal? Thanks Mark

  11. Ed Says:

    I only used mine for walking and for most of the time it lives in my pocket without any noticeable ill effects.

    I was surprised there is no support for the national grid system as this makes it less useful when your lost and want to find your position on a UK map.

    I wouldn’t recommend upgrading the firmware to a later version just yet for the reasons mentioned in my previous post.

  12. Mark Says:

    ill try in my pocket, maybe ill try an old phone case also…searches on ebay/internet have come up with nothing. Also my daughter has spotted the device, shes 17 and a keen Jogger, the interface is so easy to use that we just changed the weight for her and off she went, she loved it, great as a comparator Jog by Jog and also fun to loook st where you have been…..I hope i get to use it when I want to ;-)

  13. Asaf Says:

    first of all , great review

    for the ipx waterproof standard you can see details in this link


  14. Suseberlin Says:

    I get the gsport245 too and have one issue…

    Is there a mark for the complete distance i ride my bike? When i take power off, the 245 looses my distance and starts at 0 km. Do i have to add all my tours to the software?

    thats something i cannot understand. Or is there a solution for that?

    Another point is the hard work to let the software operates with linux. I don’t have success now, but when it works with wine or something else, i will report…

    Sorry for my bad english… ;-)

  15. Stonez Says:

    Under Linux, you may try “BT747”!
    It’s a free software and I tested it and it worked well.


    Download method: normal download
    Convert to: KMZ
    Connect: COM1:
    Speed 38400

  16. orenb Says:

    BT747 is a cross-platform software:


  17. Stonez Says:

    Is there a mark for the complete distance i ride my bike? When i take power off, the 245 looses my distance and starts at 0 km. Do i have to add all my tours to the software?

    thats something i cannot understand. Or is there a solution for that?

    For the last 10 records, you can view them directly on the device, press left key to going to the menu and select “History”

    For all other records, you will have to check them in your PC after you read logs from your GPSport 245.

  18. Rich Says:

    I bought a gpsport 245 the other day. I’ve walked with it and cycled with it and everything seems fine except the altitude displayed. It registered about -30 ft while outside the other day and I know it should be sea level where I live.
    Has the unit a manual calibrate? Has anybody else had any problems like this? Or maybe I have done something wrong, apart from that an excellent piece of kit.
    I keep mine in a camera pouch that attaches to my belt.

  19. Pablo Says:

    @@@ Suseberlin:
    To use the software in Linux, you must configure WINE.
    1. Start WINE Configurator
    2. In WINE Configurator, click Add Application
    3. Browse to the eztour software (drive_c\Program Files\HOLUX exTour\DL\ezTour_DL.exe) and click Open
    4. ezTour_DL.exe should appear as an application in WINE Configurator
    4.5 Select the ezTour_DL.exe application in WINE Configurator
    5. Select Windows Version = Windows XP
    6. Select the ‘Libraries’ tab in WINE Configurator
    7. Click the ‘New override for library’ drop-down and choose dwmapi
    8. Click Add
    9. Click Edit
    10. Change to Native (Windows)
    11. Click OK

    The software should now work in WINE!. I have not yet worked out how to get Google Maps to appear, but you can export the trails and logs to a .kmz file to view in Google Earth.

    GPS altitude is notoriously unreliable. I’ve had 3 GPS units, none gave me reliable altitude. You have to use calibrated barometric units, I’m afraid.

  20. Pablo Says:


    If you upgrade to the new firmware, the GPS now has an odometer to measure the cumulative distances travelled. You have to use Windows to update the firmware!

  21. links for 2009-05-30 « B I T Z Says:

    […] Holux GPSport 245 review — NaviGadget To use the software in Linux, you must configure WINE. 1. Start WINE Configurator 2. In WINE Configurator, click Add Application 3. Browse to the eztour software (drive_cProgram FilesHOLUX exTourDLezTour_DL.exe) and click Open 4. ezTour_DL.exe should appear as an application in WINE Configurator 4.5 Select the ezTour_DL.exe application in WINE Configurator 5. Select Windows Version = Windows XP 6. Select the ‘Libraries’ tab in WINE Configurator 7. Click the ‘New override for library’ drop-down and choose dwmapi 8. Click Add 9. Click Edit 10. Change to Native (Windows) 11. Click OK […]

  22. Rich Says:

    Thanks Pablo.
    I switched it on the other day leaving it on the ground and the altitude reading rose from 0 to 30+ feet in under a minute!
    Does updating the unit reset the history log?

  23. Stonez Says:

    Upgrade your firmware will completely destroy your old log!
    You have to make sure that all your logs have been read to the computer first!

  24. Pablo Says:

    Rich - yes, I think a firmware update completely resets it. Make sure you back up all your trails to your computer.

    It’s worth upgrading just for the odometers. As stated before, the trail view doesn’t work properly with miles (it’s OK with km), but I don’t use the trail feature anyway. It’s easy to change to km if you do need to use the ‘find home’ feature.

    I’ve had my GPS for a few weeks and I’m very pleased with it. I use it on my bike every day. Heavy rain is no problem, but make sure that the USB plug makes a good seal, just in case.

    I took it on a really harsh downhill mountain bike trail (jumps, drop-offs) and the bike holder works very well. It was very stable and secure, even though it doesn’t look very robust. It is well designed, and simple to move to another bike.

  25. orenb Says:

    It looks really good, but I do have a few questions before I buy:

    1. How long does it take the GPS to respond to speed changs? I assume it’s slower than bike computers that use magnets attached to the spokes, but how much slower?
    2. Is it possible to get directions back to a recently recorded Point Of Interest instead of to Home?
    3. Are there any reception issues when the GPS is in the pocket?
    4. Is there any reason it won’t be suitable for inline skating?


  26. Pablo Says:

    I know this unit, so…

    “1. How long does it take the GPS to respond to speed changs? I assume it’s slower than bike computers that use magnets attached to the spokes, but how much slower?”
    The speed display is updated every second. There is no ‘lag’ - it shows your instantaneous speed.

    “2. Is it possible to get directions back to a recently recorded Point Of Interest instead of to Home?”
    No. The Points Of Interest (POI) is simply stored by the GPS. You can flag many Points Of Interest, but you cannot use these for navigating. These are simply stored by the GPS and are downloaded as points on the map by the software on your computer.
    However, you can set a ‘Finder’ point. Press the ‘house’ button, then the right-hand ‘set’ button. You will be asked ‘Set Point?’. Choose OK and this will set the current position to the be ‘home’ point to which the GPS will direct you. You can also manually set the finder point by entering the co-ordinates.

    Note that the distances will be totally inaccurate if you use miles because of a bug. KM is fine, though. Also, it is nowhere near as flexible as a hiking GPS, as you can only store one finder point.

    “3. Are there any reception issues when the GPS is in the pocket?”
    I tried it and it worked well. It’s best to have a clear view of the sky, but it seems sensitive enough to work in your pocket.

    “4. Is there any reason it won’t be suitable for inline skating?”
    Should be OK. If you not on a bike, I would use an MP3 armband pouch, rather than your pocket.

  27. orenb Says:

    Thanks a lot Pablo. Your answers convinced me to order one.


  28. Stonez Says:

    Note that the distances will be totally inaccurate if you use miles because of a bug. KM is fine, though. Also, it is nowhere near as flexible as a hiking GPS, as you can only store one finder point.

    This bug is fixed in V1.02 or you can wait for V1.03 to release in few weeks.
    As I know, V2.0 special version won’t have any further modification.

  29. Stewie Says:

    I am looking at this or the Garmin Geko for my longer bike rides. I saw this in Maplin when comparing the two and looks great; the buttons seem to be in the right place and the weight and size are great - as is the price.

    My question is this, can I enter the waypoints from my Mac (I can always use a PC emulator) with descriptions (Left XXXX Rd) and have the device count them down as a route? On the Garmin I can 500 waypoints imported, anyone know about this?


  30. Pablo Says:

    No, you can’t do this. There are no ‘waypoints’. The GPS can mark POIs, but they exist for reference only, for viewing on your computer at a later time. You cannot navigate with them or use them.

    Also, the data transfer is one way - from GPS to computer. You cannot upload anything to the GPS, you can only transfer GPS data from the GPS unit.

    Think of this as a basic bike GPS, and it is excellent. If you want more advanced features, consider a hiking GPS.

  31. orenb Says:

    Firmware v2.0 for the GPSport 245 adds Track Log (“TKLOG”), a feature that draws a map of the course travled so far, showing the points-of-interest marked by the user and the Home position / Finder point. It also allows zoom in, zoom out and panning. You can download it from here:


  32. shane Says:

    Anyone out there use sporttracks? Can the gps tracks from this device be easily exported off the device without using their software? I had a Garmin 305, and lost it, and want to replace it, but want to keep using Sportracks software, because its the best gps tracking software i have found!


  33. shane Says:

    Oh, also, I fogot — the bike mount … does it mount to the STEM or the Handlebars? ( stem is much preferred for safety of the device )

    thanks again

  34. shane Says:

    nevermind on this, i found it in the manual - handlebar mount. boo.

  35. Shane Says:

    actually, found that the mount spins 90 degrees, so it should also mount to stem.

  36. shane Says:

    One more question…I see in the manual it has 4MB memory. How much data ( logging ) can be stored? ( I see it can save up to 10 routes ) The question is how many hours of logging can it store? Could not find how many points it would store. ( seems to be saving 1 point per second, which is a lot )

  37. Shane Says:

    duh. nevermind on this one too. I see - 64mb memory, 200K trackpoints.

  38. Bob Says:

    The unit is available for US$106 including free international shipping here:

    If Sporttrack can use .kmz files, then it can use the log files from this device.

  39. orenb Says:

    For those looking for a running/skating pouch for the Holux 245, this one fits very well:


  40. Stonez Says:

    Holux V1.03 firmware will be release soon….
    (V1.03 does not have draw Track Log function)

    New features
    1. Finder points increased from 1 to 5
    2. Added CO2 reduction / grow tree calculation
    3. The analog speed meter can now be switched into large numeric display, speed+lap time, speed+distance, or speed+clock

    Bug fixed:
    1. Error distance display when Finder distance switching between Metric and Imperial.
    2. Altitude is now able to display 5 digits for those who use it at high altitude
    3. Totoal Odometer calculation error corrected

  41. Rich Says:

    Used my unit for a couple of months now biking and running. Last couple of weeks I’ve had a problem with the unit picking up a signal, or so I assume.

    I switch it on and wait for the satellite symbol to display, usually 5 - 10 secs , but recently after waiting 5 minutes or so I’ve had to reset the unit to get it to work again. This means a problem with the software and not the signal reception I would think.

    Any ideas?

  42. orenb Says:

    This page is fast becoming a forum / knowledge-base for the Holux 245, so it might be worthwhile to post this here…

    If your HOLUX ezTour for Logger software is giving your errors such as “Failed to read data from GPS module!” or “Failed to write data into GPS module!”, try uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling the latest version. The one at silabs.com (currrenty v5.40) is newer that the one available at holux.com.


  43. orenb Says:

    The following review of the Holux 245 has some interesting bits about using this GPS with the open-source BT747 software, including for photo geo-tagging.


  44. orenb Says:

    The new firmware is out:


  45. orenb Says:

    The new firmware works well, but only after performing a full reset of the unit. Without this step, it just keeps searching for satellites forever (and yes, I tried the GPS Cold Start option. It didn’t solve the problem).

  46. shink Says:

    There are a few things I have not yet found out about this device:
    - Are points logged with the current speed so I can tell how fast I was if I examine my track on the PC?
    - Is it waterproof or not? The manual says “This product is not waterproof. If it comes into contact with water spray or is submerged it will seriously damage the components, resulting in irreversible damage” while the Holux-Website says “Waterproof IPX-6”. Anyone here who used it under heavy rain?

  47. orenb Says:

    Speed is logged throughout the entire trip. Other parameters that are logged (by default, every 5 seconds) include: Date, time, trip time (elapsed time), altitude and coordinates.

    Note that there’s nothing unique about POI’s compared to the regular logged points, except that the former are later marked separately in the software.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to use this GPS in the rain. It looks and feels very well sealed. However, I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t be 100% sure about this.

  48. shink Says:

    Thank you, sounds promising. I think this will be my new running companion.

  49. orenb Says:

    ezTour for Logger v1.02 is out. It fixes the annoying error when using the scroll wheel over the Google Earth tab:


    There may be other changes…

  50. Walker Says:

    The new firmware 1.04 is working fine but it is a pitty that you can no longer see the average speed for the current track. The ‘speed’ page displays in 1.04 Max + Now while in 1.01 and 2.0 it displayed Max + Avg.
    Avg is still part of history but that is quite inconvenient for a current track so I have replaced the new firmware by the older version.
    Or have I been overlooking something in the 1.04 setup?

  51. zou Says:

    The new driver will take serial port 14, but it conflict with toshiba bluetooth.

    So I must forbid BT serial port 14 temporarily.

    Then, it worked.

  52. ian g Says:

    Great piece of kit, i use it for cycling and photo geotagging.
    The only problem i have is that i had eztour on my old pc, recently upgraded and need my product key.
    I didnt keep my manual as its so simple to use…bit stupid i know.

    I simply cannot find a working link to get back in touch with Holux in order to get a product key - can anyone help at all!?

  53. orenb Says:

    Try Gps_service@holux.com

    I have very good experience with them regarding an RMA for a broken bike mount.

  54. ian g Says:

    Thanks for that - will try!

  55. colin young Says:

    i cant seem to get to grips with the unit.
    whenever i try to upload a log i have saved (or think i saved) then it uploads the log from all of the time since i last deleted the logs.
    how do i go running and press start, then stop at the end and then upload ie what buttons to press for
    SAVE TO LOG. it seems that unless i upload the log immediatelt to my PC it adds in all the time I have been sitting in the house afterwards.

    I have tried lots of combinations with no joy and I have now upgraded to the v1.04 - still the same???

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  58. Tigersaw Says:

    Had the unit a few days, very happy. Unit has v1.4 firmware.
    One question - the odometers? It has 2 odometers, OD1 and OD2, however, I’ve no idea how to use the feature or move between them. The manual makes no mention.

  59. orenb Says:

    You select Odometer via the quick setup menu.

  60. gribbs Says:

    Re altitude showing non-zero at sea level: The unit doesn’t appear to have a pressure sensor so the height displayed is almost certainly GPS height, ie above the WGS84 ellipsoid. This ellipsoid is designed to be a ‘best-fit’ replication of the earth’s surface, but it doesn’t actually touch the surface except in a few places worldwide, so there will almost always be small differences.

  61. jerms Says:

    my unit doesn’t seem to do average speed well when riding, it does not have the AUTO-STOP feature when stopping at traffic lights or rest points. u must remember to press stop manually or else it will not calculate average speed accurately. if u leave it running, the average speed will continue to drop.

    am i missing something here? can this be fixed via firmware? i’m on ver 2.0

    or must i buy a garmin to fix this. i really love the simple practicality of the holux but at the same time tracking average speed is very important.

    appreciate any suggestions or help with regards to this. THX!

  62. John Fisher Says:

    I found a way of getting it to do a cold start when it really didn’t want to. Take it through a system restart , but do a power down before you get to the end. Then when it is powered up again, it is capable of finding the satellites. Took me ages for find out how. John Fisher Ipswich

  63. pablowe Says:

    hi there. Loaded the software for my 245 on my pc and the it wouldnt allow me load on my laptop as it said it is already loaded on a pc. is there anyway around this?

  64. Rich Says:

    Help! I’m going around in circles here trying to update the software on my Holux GPSport245.
    How do I send the update to the device? The cable is connected.

  65. Stonez Says:

    To update your GPSport 245, just go to Holux web site to download V1.04 firmware and the ezUpdate software.
    In few minutes, you will get the latest firmware.

  66. Kempy Says:

    I have just purchased a 245, and completed one ride, but when trying to upload to my PC it request a 7 digit product code? Can someone tell me where I can find this please?!

  67. Sparky Says:

    Kempy, the product key is on the cover of the CD that came with the 245.

  68. Gordon Says:

    I notice jerms, has the same issue I have with this, does it have an auto start stop function like most other cycle computers, as without it it is really useless for cycling use. Anyone enlighten me? Thanks.

  69. Pope Says:

    Well I just updated exTour from a good working copy of 1.01 to the latest 1.03 and I cannot open any of my previous logs!!

    Error message is Failed to open Project.

    Any idea guys?

  70. Mity Says:

    How to reset total odometer?

  71. Chipuc Says:

    Well, I don’t understand which one is the latest firmware version on Holux website. The first one from march 2009 is ver 2.o while the latest one (april 2010) is ver 1.05?

  72. JK Says:

    Are there any loops on the holux 245? Wanted to hook this up to my backpack.

  73. Walker Says:

    @JK: yes there is a tiny hook

    @Chipuc: has to timezone settings. I still use 1.05, see my rational for in my reply of 15 aug 2009

    @Mity: Go to Setting / System / Odometer / Reset All

    @Pope: no clue, works fine for me many months

    @Gordon: haven’t found autostop either but pushing the right button when stopping and starting also stops clock (but is more cumbersome)

  74. Stonez Says:

    Chipuc: V1.05 is the latest version.
    The V2.0 is just a special version that’s no longer maintained.

  75. Den Says:

    if you press …/odometer/reset all,
    reset only od1 and od2. tolal odometer does not change.

    How to reset total odometer?

  76. Pablo Says:

    First the bad news: My Holux battery failed. It had got wet in torrential rain (the GPS unit is not fully waterproof), and the battery had expanded and failed.

    But the good news: The Holux GPS uses a common phone battery. I found that the Nokia BL-5C battery fits perfectly. These are cheap and commonly available.

    Furthermore, no soldering is required!

    You will need the following tool:
    A Torx T6 screwdriver to open the case.

    To replace the battery:
    1. Unscrew the 5 screws with the T6 screwdriver. Do NOT attempt to use a Phillips, Posidrive or other screwdriver. ONLY USE A T6!

    2. Remove the upper half of the case. Keep the unit level; the LCD screen is not fixed to the main circuit board, it sits loosely on the circuit board.

    3. Gently prise the main circuit board out of the case ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE of the unit - i.e. the opposite side of the USB socket. The USB socket must leave the case last.

    4. Gently extract the main circuit board from the case, taking care not to damage the USB socket. Be aware that the GPS antenna is located on a separate small circuit board and is attached by a thin cable to the main circuit board.

    5. Replace the battery! Easy job.

    6. Gently insert the circuit board, USB side first, and place the GPS module back into the case.

    7. Power on and test the GPS.

    8. ** OPTIONAL STEP **: I discovered that the unit is not waterproof around the USB socket (the rubber seal sometimes pops out and does not fully seal against water). I applied some silicon grease (used by electricians and watch repairers) to seal around the USB socket. Do not use carbon-based grease as this can harm rubber and plastic. Only use silicon grease. It is non-conductive, so do not worry if it touches the circuit board.

    9. If all is OK, reassemble the unit.

  77. Frank Says:

    I use HOLUX GPSport 245, Ubuntu Linux 10.10 and ezTour running with WINE. ezTour is running.Systemlanguage=German. When i push the button ‘GPS Log lesen’ and ‘Read log only’ the error message ‘Ein Fehler trat auf bei der Verbindung zum GPS Modul!’. The GPSport 245 is connected with USB and i can see it with the lsusb command.
    What can i do?

  78. Jurgen Bliessen Says:

    Hi I am thinking about Bying a Holux GP Sport 245 will there work in Ireland with the GPS and are there any recent more Up Dated Models?

  79. matt bourne Says:

    can anyone tell me how to reset the total odometer on my holux 245 please ?

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