telenav on Blackberry Storm

You know Blackberry Storm right? And you know about Telenav. Now you can merge those two awesome products and turn your Blackberry Storm into a GPS navigation system. Currently they’re running a free 30 day trial which is a good way to see if you like their application.

It costs $10 per month but it may be worth it since you’ll end up with a product that has more features than the higher end standalone GPS navigation systems which cost more than $500.

With Telenav Navigator on your Storm you’ll have traffic updates, ability to enter destination address online, or with a voice call to a toll free number (probably TellMe which talked about here.), and even a Wi-Fi hotspot finder.

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  2. Danny Says:

    Now if Telenav supported the BB Bold. I don’t like ATT Navigator

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  4. Travis Tubbs Says:

    It’s great to see 3rd-parties picking up where the original phone software leaves off. The GPS devices built into these phones are more than capable, I’m sure. It’s just the software they’re shipped with is lacking. A lot.

    Hopefully this is only the beginning of 3rd-parties doing what they can to make the GPS receivers on phones show their full potential (I’m looking at you, iPhone).

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  8. acnemobo Says:

    i really love this Blackberry because of its functionality and design.. this is a very cool electronic gadget for staying in touch with your friends and family members —

  9. Lam Ceaser Says:

    ! itz nice but let me know how much it cost and how I can get to my country for use

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