enzym SG-350

There’s a new brand of GPS navigation system out there for the U.S. market which we were lucky enough to receive a sample of. It is called Enzym SG-350 and it is already available for the Canadian market.

SG-350 has a 3.5″ display with 2008 Q2 Navteq maps and a NavMate engine with full coverage of the USA and Canada. It boasts a POI database with 11 million entries and a surprisingly fast 533 MHz processor. It can play MP4/MP3’s and includes a picture viewer.

The product is initially going to retail in the USA for approximately $200. In addition Enzym has two more models in the pipeline: SG-250 and SG-430; both of which are scheduled to be available in early September. The SG-250 will be a lower cost model priced at about $150 without the multimedia features of the SG-350 but will retain the same map coverage. The SG-430BF will be a 4.3″ model with the same multi-media features and map coverage as the SG-350 plus Bluetooth and FM transmitter options and will retail for approximately $300.

We’ll be posting a full review of the device very soon.

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