homemade GPS jammer

Today we are featuring an article from Phrack - an online hacker magazine. What we have is a do-it-yourself GPS jammer that can have a range of upto several hundred feet. Keep in mind this is not an easy hack - a bachelors in electrical engineering seems like a prerequisite.

The GPS band pass filter is a 2-pole Toko 4DFA-1575B-12 ceramic dielectric filter from Digi-Key[4], part number TKS2609CT-ND. This part is optional, but helps clean up the RF spectrum before further amplification. The filter’s insertion loss is around 2 dB.

The final RF amplifier is a WJ Communications AH102. It provides another 13 dB of gain, with a higher P1dB compression point of around +27 dBm (500 mW). The AH102 draws the most current of any part, and is not really necessary if you’re aiming for a low range, low current, battery operated device.

This hack is designed to be a low cost one, only using components you can easily find at a trip to Radio Shack. It targets the Global Positioning System (GPS/NAVSTAR) L1 frequency of 1575.42 MHz. Also keep in mind this device will not work against the Russian GLONASS or European Galileo systems.

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  1. maximojo Says:

    any way to get the full schematic? thaks

  2. Guillermo Says:

    Priceo of jammer

  3. OUF ! ON VA POUVOIR ÉCHAPPER AU FLICAGE ! « Libertes & Internets Says:

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  4. Jenny Says:

    My daughter is being stocked by an ex boy friend & I want to know is there a way to find out if her car has a GPS device on it. I would great appreciate your assistance.

    Thank you,


  5. Rob Says:


    If your daughters car is being tracked, the GPS/transmission device will have to transmit a signal from the car. You will need to something to detect and pinpoint the location of the transmission unit.

  6. nabil Says:

    very nice stuff
    i will try some of it after finishing my exams

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  8. GPS Jammer Says:

    GPS Jammers work well for reps who enjoy taking their lunch outside of their territory. Or just for those that feel their personal time should not be monitored….they’re not that expensive anymore, but building one might be a lot more fun.

  9. scott Says:

    can a gps jammer and a gps navigator (garmin Nuvi) be used at the same time. I want to use my garmin, but not be tracked.

  10. musco2 Says:

    get me full version schemaaaa…

  11. laptop ac adapter Says:

    if you want some peace and quite arround you, you can use this.

  12. car gps dvd Says:

    GPS tracking devices installed in your Car without your knowledge are the ideal stalking devices. They are insidious. Whoever installed it knows exactly where you go. It’s like being electronically tagged. And they are VERY difficult to detect.

  13. bob the grape Says:

    How about a RADAR speed jammer? I saw one several years ago. I believe it was made in Israel. Anyone know about these? They are illegal.

  14. Jonny Switchblade Says:

    Get the full schematic?
    That IS the full schematic ya dumbass.

  15. frank the orange Says:

    @bob the grape - WTF are you trying to describe? Sounds like something that jams speed (whatever that means) using the principle of RADAR.

    You can jam the speed of someones bicycle by throwing a stick in the spokes, I suppose.

    These sticking throwing devices are made in Israel?

    Why are they illegal? I have a bow and arrow set that “throws” sticks and I guess I could use it to throw sticks into someones bicycle wheels to jam their speed.

    Why would you need a device that uses RADAR to accomplish such a feat? I mean, why would RADAR even be involved in jamming the speed of anything?

    And where do you live that legislators have made these strange devices illegal.

    For $5000 I will send you some sticks in the mail that you can use to jam the speed of passing bicycles, but not if it is illegal where you live.

  16. HariKrishna Says:

    Sir, please please mail me how to do this exactly. Because I want to do this as my Final year Project. So please send me how to do it. I must give all the demonstration on papers in a week or two. So please help me.

  17. bobthegrape Says:

    frank the pumpkin head or rather the orange. What I’m looking for is a police radar jammer. Unnerstan’, Frank, you schmuck!!

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  19. mr3oh7 Says:

    you can buy a GPS jammer ready to go for around $25 on ebay, they are mounted inside a cigarette lighter plug.

  20. nosyparker Says:

    mr3oh7..yes I saw them, problem is they didnt get great feedback, and seem to be very limited range ie only INside the car, this one above looks to have a far better range.
    I am assuming? its free wired? part to part? no board?

  21. John Says:

    August 29th, 2010 at 12:09 am

    Get the full schematic?

    Jonny Switchblade Says:

    That IS the full schematic ya dumbass.

    Uhm… Looks like you’re the dumbass. That isn’t even 1/3rd of the full schematic.

    The actual schematic is way larger than than the posted pic.


  22. brian Says:

    to find gps tracking device take an old am fm radio find a dead no sound signal wave it over the vehicle until some static emits bingo there it is

  23. Buck Turgidson Says:

    The original Phrack article moved, it is now here:


    Embedded within that text file is a UU-encoded Encapsulated PostScript schematic diagram. You need a tool named “uudecode” to extract it, and a tool named “gzip” to uncompress the resulting compressed PostScript file. Then any program capable of displaying or importing PostScript should let you view the entire circuit diagram.

  24. diego Velazquez Says:

    disconnect the car battery and find the electronic device with a galvanometer.

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  34. Hammad Says:

    The article is old but one of its kind, I’ll surely try to make a homemade gps device by following the above method, let’s see it works or not. I’ve my own GPS device for my car that is working good, but I want to learn by experimenting about this homemade one.

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