GolfLogix - an expensive Garmin eTrex

Garmin’s eTrex is a simple handheld GPS receiver that can be purchased for under $100. Well GolfLogix and Garmin came together to create this device - which is pretty much an eTrex painted in green with some software that can manage golf course data - and put a $350 price tag on it.

Here are some of the features:

  • Instant distances to the front, center and back of the greens plus all hazards
  • Auto-advances to each target on the course for completely hands-free use so there is no need for complex button layouts to learn or lasers to point during your round
  • A large LCD screen (1.25″ wide x 2.25″ tall)
  • Personalized name on main screens for security and anti-theft
  • Excellent visibility in direct sunlight with adjustable screen contrasts
  • Backlight screen setting for dark playing conditions
  • Completely waterproof case (submersible)
  • Shock-proof and impact resistant for rugged outdoor use
  • Displays in Yards or Meters
  • Up to 22-hour battery life
  • 12-channel GPS receiver with precise accuracy (+/- 2 yards)
  • Holds multiple golf course maps
  • Thousands of worldwide golf courses available to download
  • Free golf course download included with purchase
  • Unlimited worldwide golf course downloads are available with $29.95 annual membership!

ForeFront will be the exclusive distributor of GolfLogix; however you will have to wait until March to get one.

9 Responses to “GolfLogix - an expensive Garmin eTrex”

  1. Says:

    GolfLogix the Handy GPS for Golfers…

    GolfLogix and Garmin have come together to make navigation for golfers a bit easier. The device features a system that tells instant distances to the front, center and back of the greens plus all hazards. A large LCD screen displays personalized name …

  2. Ian Says:

    Golflogix will be soon be available to purchase in the UK for many UK and European golf Courses, visit for more information.

  3. Michael Collier Says:

    Can’t find a contact phone number. I subscribed to golflix. When I put in my subscriber info, the program won’t accept it. I am sure of the name and password that I put in. Help!!

  4. GolfLogix Says:

    GolfLogix GPS-8 indeed uses the eTrex hardware, however, the software that resides on the user’s PC is GolfLogix as well as the interface to the GPS device and the screens on the unit. Golfers have access to more than 15,000 golf course maps as well as the ability to store up to 20 courses on the unit at one time. Not to mention distance of last shot calculations, auto recognition of course being played, up to 6 hazards per hole and more. The golf specific information and capabilities add to the eTrex GPS power. GolfLogix GPS-8 retails for $299.95

  5. Nick Woods Says:

    Just goes to show how closed the garmin system is. Not being able to load software on an Etrex for a specific application like golf is just wrong. I am going with a laser sight for now and will certainly take my business elsewhere next time I look for a sports GPS. Same thing happened in the computer industry years ago, closed systems never last.

  6. Jan Zed Says:

    That is the GARMIN way - unfortunately. Difficult to add your own maps and expensive. For golf I’ll rather look at a GPS built around golfers and not a dated GPS adapted to golf. Either the new colour screen Sonocaddie V300 or the Skycaddie for me. Sonocaddie has no membership fees (at the moment)

  7. ral Says:

    Look into GPS if you want more information. These are all receivers that you are talking about and all are developing golf specific software to receive and calculate the GPS signals. You need to decide how you want to view it, in color or not, large readable screen or more details. Depth of features or easy distance, rugged unit or not. One doesn’t offer “old” GPS or “new” GPS. GPS was built by the government years ago. These companies are all making golf specific receivers. You can’t download a GPS hiking application to your Sonocaddie or your SkyCaddie. GolfLogix has made a golf specific receiver based on Garmin hardware.

  8. Tom Says:

    Check out Igolf for a really inexpensive way to get golf yardage…I believe their least expensive model is about $150…..available on Ebay too

  9. Shayla khan Says:

    This is a great pots. thanks a lot for giving this awesome information

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