Ricoh Caplio 500SE: GPS ready digital camera with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Ricoh just extended the capabilities of its 500SE model by adding support for geo imaging. The Caplio 500SE can automatically embed GPS coordinates with captured images and also organize seamless transfer of pictures and data to mapping software.

In addition to storing GPS data in image and video, the 500SE lets users to tag their media with work related information. This ‘meta-data’ becomes attributes in any GIS system and may be automatically imprinted on the images.

If that wasn’t enough, 500SE also features Wi-Fi capability (on certain models) and bluetooth for seamless and cable free transfer of images. Bluetooth on 500SE can also be used to pair it with a bluetooth GPS receiver.

The 8MP waterproof camera is not yet available however some retailers are already taking pre-orders. It is expected to cost between $1000 - $1200.

See product brochure in pdf here.

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