gps shoes

Designed by isaacdaniel these shoes integrate a GPS on the side. The GPS can be utilized by Covert Alarm Locator so the wearer can broadcast his/her location in case of an emergency. These shoes can also be outfitted with other systems to monitor your heart rate, speed (comes with GPS), and body temperature. To transmit all this data to a central location the shoes sole also contains a modem, GSM antenna for wireless communications.

The 24-hour monitoring service is provided by ID Conex, based in Miami, Florida. The shoes comes many different styles and can be purchased from feleonline for $350.


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    EXCELLENT IDEA.Any chance of getting my daughter a pair by this friday. She is going to Diseny- world .,for her Safety,MyADDRESS IS BOX xx2 xxxxx xxxxx, ONTARIO ,CANADA,PxxxB0

  2. Charlena Smith Says:

    I intend to collect donations for these shoes for grade school children in Wayne County Indiana to be distributed to the children in the fall. Would supply be a problem for me?

  3. Richard Aguilar Says:

    Where can I buy these shoes, Dont care when I can get them, just as long as I can buy them, please contact me via email so that I can order a pair.

    Thanks a bunch!

  4. Claudio S. Says:

    This is huge, and it protect the privacy of the wearer.
    For more info you can visit
    or the company that provides de services ID Conex at

  5. Kennedy Timberlake Says:


  6. behide Says:

    i like it too.

  7. ozgur Says:

    dear sir, we are interested in your gps solutions about personal security. but i couldnt find the products excep gps shoes about that. could you inform us about the other products for patients, older peoples with alzheimer diseases, childs …
    best regards.

  8. martha biez Says:

    these shoes are stupid!!
    what a waste of money!!!

    oh yeah they are ugly tooooooo!!!!!!

  9. Jennifer Jones Says:

    hmmmmmmmm I am not sure what is ugly about them - they look cool and is a brilliant idea by the designer


  10. juan Says:


  11. north cyprus holidays hotel northern cyprus Says:

    see your next writings.

  12. muthaheer Says:

    very nice .fantaboulus

  13. max parsons Says:

    can these gps shoes work in th UK

  14. Victor Says:

    If you research it….these shoes are already patented by NIKE & others…
    Get ready for the lawsuits.

  15. marisa Says:

    I need to purchase the GPS shoes as soon as possible. How can I get them?

  16. john Says:

    those shoes are for elastic fags

  17. jake Says:

    wtf!!!!!!! THOSE ARE OFF THECHAIN!!!! YOYYOYOYOYOYOYO,,, IM baked lmfao

  18. smith Says:

    i heart those shoes i said all of this with a lisp oh yea : )

  19. fags-a-lot Says:

    i would sooo have gay sex in those shoes : )

  20. » gps shoes Says:

    […] running shoe with a GPS receiver built into the sole. Also has a GSM antenna on it…read more | digg […]

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    […] Daniel - the people who brought you GPS shoes have a new model called Blue GPS shoes. What you have here is a pair of shoes with a GPS receiver […]

  22. Justo Roldan Says:

    Solicito saber si se puede basar a cual quier diseño en especifico botas para guardias.

  23. Alexis Says:

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  24. Cyprus Girl Says:

    nice shoes

  25. Echo Says:

    Firstly, a good product. I think this shoes will be better for disbaled peoples and childs. When i thinking for them, yes beautifull. The emergency button is better more.

  26. taller Says:


    . Lay the shoe insoles to where the bottom of the insole is on the right side of the fabric. Air- pillow insoles, gel insoles– all can be used to make fabulous slippers without dragging out the sewing machine. The small business endured, however, and b…

  27. majo Says:

    kami nauna nyan.patented na

  28. renz Says:

    oo nga powhz..jejeje

  29. erwin cullen Says:

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  30. Retro Jordans Says:

    I think you have a so special idea, and thank you for sharing, we are all waiting here for your new article.

  31. Abil D'vilta Says:

    woowww ……
    innovation is a very unique and helpful ……
    maybe i should buy it for collection …..
    yes even though equipped with GPS will be tired of people walking

  32. Steven Pappas Says:

    I want to buy several pair of the shoes. Please call me at my office at 415-252-1128 Extension 320. Thank you.

  33. roger Says:

    where can i buy in usa.

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