GPS integrated UMPC for the military: CATCHER

Catcher (Communications And Telemetry Computing Handheld for Emergency Response) is a ruggedized, full featured, portable computer (UMPC?) built to military standards that incorporates voice, video, data, and biometric information with multiple wireless and wired communications capabilities.

Looking at the features of CATCHER we can easily see that it surpasses todays most UMPC’s. It has a built-in fingerprint sensor for security (or just collecting fingerprints) and also can feature an RFID reader for baggage handling management or any other scenario which may require taking quick inventory. CATCHER comes with dual digital cameras; one in front and one in the back, that can capture 2MP images and allow 5 simultaneous video conferencing sessions without extra burden on the CPU thanks to their patent pending video encoder.

If it didn’t come with a GPS chip it wouldnt be featured on Navigadget! Catcher comes with an integrated GPS chip and also a softwared based “Indoor Location Service”. Not sure how they figure out your location when there’s no GPS signal - but maybe something similar to Motorola i880 we talked about which relies on GSM networks and use the position of nearest cell tower to guesstimate your location.

Since it is built for the military - they didn’t want to put in a cheap 256MB memory and a wimpy 10GB HDD. The CATCHER comes standard with a 2GB internal memory and 40GB hard disk drive. It runs the Windows XP Tablet edition which runs on a 1.7GHz Intel Mobile Pentium M processor.

Catcher is designed to military standards (namely MIL-STD-810F), so it can survive a 3ft drop onto cement, withstand 50+ G’s of shock and resist most weather conditions. The screen measures 6.4″ and is made of sunlight readable transflective LCD.

Catcher comes with an “Emergency Alert Feature” which designed to help any personnel that may be in danger.

When pressed, an alert message is sent to the server identifying the CATCHER unit number, GPS location, operator ID, and time of incident. Both cameras and the internal microphone begin recording and relaying data to command and control. The unit display remains dormant, ensuring security isn’t compromised.

Not sure how much one of these will cost but comparing it to this other GPS integrated laptop built for the military, we’re thinking somewhere around $5000 - $6000. You’ll have to join the army to use one of these anyways.

3 Responses to “GPS integrated UMPC for the military: CATCHER”

  1. BD Says:

    UMPC = Ultra Moble PC

  2. Kevin Says:

    Nice article and info. I just bought two of these units for $50 at a used computer store. Looking around for a manual.LOL

  3. Michael Says:

    Kevin - Did you ever find a manual?

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