Motorola i880 phone with GPS

Motorola is getting to release another GPS enabled to from the “i” series, this time i880. Just like their other GPS enabled phones i880 transmits your location to authorities if you ever make a 911 emergency call. In the case where you don’t receive sufficient GPS signals (tunnels, garages, etc..) the location of the nearest cell tower in contact with the i880 is automatically made available to the emergency
response center, if the center has the capability to receive such information.

Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like Motorola will include a software to make use of the GPS on-board. The only thing you can do is to view your location which probably is nothing more than your latitude and longtitude. But no worries, the phone is Java enabled so you can find 3rd party applications to use on your phone, or you can connect your phone to your laptop and use it as a GPS receiver.

i880 also features an MP3 player, 2MP camera, dual color displays, and PTT (push-to-talk). No word on when it will be released since it just got FCC approved.

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  1. William Jr. Says:

    how much does this thing cost… i like it it

  2. Motorola i880 | Says:

    […] Navigadget: Motorola i880 phone with GPS […]

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