garmin GPSMAP 496 for your cessna

Garmin, right after announcing their spanking new zumo 550 for motorcycles, just announced the GPSMAP 496, the latest addition to their GPSMAP series for aircrafts. The GPSMAP 496 is a MFD (multi-function display) that can show satellite datalink weather with a detailed color map and terrain alerting all on the same screen. Different than the GPSMAP 396, this latest model can also display Garmin’s SafeTaxi™ airport diagrams, Garmin’s Smart Airspace™, AOPA’s Airport Directory data, enhanced high-resolution terrain database, aviation database with private airports and heliports, accelerated GPS update rate, and automotive maps of North America or Europe in case you need an emergency landing strip… No really, it is portable, so you can just take it with and use it as an in-car navigation system with automatic route calculation to any destination and turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions.

GPSMAP 496 will be available late this month at an expected price of $2,795.

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  1. Ben Says:

    I love the Cessna. It’s easy to fly and maintain. Base asking prices aren’t too bad. Picked mine up yesterday! Cheers.

  2. ARIF ABBASI Says:

    Dear Sir,
    We want to purchase GPS MAP 496 Part No 0168-B00001 quantity 20.
    please quote.

    Best Regard

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