hack your Toyota Prius GPS Navigation System

Coastal Electronic Technologies offers a long list of Prius enhancements, all or most of which can be installed, so they claim, at home with simple tools. In addition to their own prefab EV hack, CET offers a satellite radio system, added audio/video inputs, an auto-lock function for the doors, an iPod interface, and a system that lets the 12 volt power outlets stay on when the motor is off. They also offer a devise that bypasses the “I Agree” prompt shown by the GPS system when the car is started, and allows a person to enter a destination while the car is in motion (previously impossible).

If your new Prius is equipped with the factory navigation system, you have seen the opening “I AGREE” disclaimer countless times. It comes on every time you turn on the car and prompts you to press the “I AGREE” before you can use the navigation system. Numerous requests have prompted us to include a feature to remove this step in the Navigation Enhancement Kit.
You asked, so we did it : )

toyota-prius-nav-494.jpgYou also may have noticed that even your passenger is prevented from entering a DESTINATION while the car is in motion. This eliminates a great deal of the functionality of the Navigation system and requires the car to be stopped before you can create a route to an address. In our family, my wife tries to race and enter a destination before the stoplight changes, only to lose right at the end because the light has switched and I have to move the car to avoid getting honked at. This became the inspiration for this kit : )

The NAVIGATION ENHANCEMENT KIT solves both of these issues without the need to cut any wires or perform virtually any disassembly of the car. It is easy to put in and just as easy to take out if you wish. Simply slide the drivers seat back and unplug a couple of connectors from the NAV unit underneath. The kit has the matching plugs to allow it to be inserted right back in the same spot. After plugging it in, the “I AGREE” screen will be automatically removed and any press of the DESTINATION button will allow full function of the touch screen and navigation functions!!!

The kit costs $99!!

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179 Responses to “hack your Toyota Prius GPS Navigation System”

  1. Terry Says:

    When will a 2006 version become available?

  2. Coastal Electronics Says:

    Thank you for your interest in our products! We make additions all the time, please check back on our website for release information as it becomes available. This will include Toyota, Lexus and GM.
    Home of Custom Prius Accessories!

  3. Zach Says:

    Without a 2006 edition this is useless to most people. This is driving me CRAZY!!! I would pay much more than $99 if a 2006 model edition comes out soon. Please email me for updated info.

  4. cesar Says:

    I would like to add GPS system to my Prius. Do you offer that system?

  5. Administrator Says:

    Navigadget does not sell GPS systems but we know a lot about them. If you have a question we might be able to help you out.

  6. Nancy Says:

    The navigation system in our 2008 Prius is no where near as accurate as the Garmin Nuvi we had (then sold, thinking we don’t need it). Just the other day, on a trip from Wilmington De to Trenton NJ to see a basketball game, it wanted to send us on a convoluted route, so we instead used the online instructions…very simple, straight, 3 turns at the end.

    On the way back, we entered our home address. Oh brother. It sent us in a completely insane route, off the main road for ten miles - it is terrible, this system. it’s happened before. Any suggestions???

  7. Karen Says:

    The system may be set to avoid things like toll roads. Check the settings.

  8. Lee K Says:

    Read your DVD/Nav manual and enable all routes in the system software. I had the same problem driving across the country in my 07.

  9. Carl Says:

    Do you know if it is possible to hack into the Prius display with an aftermarket GPS system? I have gps receivers and antennaeand would like to display that information on the display of a non-gps equiped Prius. Do you know if a non GPS equiped Prius can be retrofit with a Toyota GPS from a GPS equiped Prius? (Ie. can a Package 7 or Pkg 8 donor GPS be incorporated into a Pkg 5 or Pkg 1 Prius?)

  10. Sailesh Says:

    Please email me as soon as a 2006 version is available.

    Many thanks in advance.

  11. Bill Says:

    Ditto what Carl asked on 21 Aug about hacking into the Prius’ display with aftermarket GPS / or retrofitting a Toyota GPS into a non-GPS-equipped Prius.

    At first I didn’t want a GPS, now I do. What with all the hacks available and forthcoming, I’d think we could remedy our situations easily enough, sometime soon.


  12. Tom Stuart Says:

    Do you know any hacks for the 2006 Sienna OEM navigation system? The same issues you list above are annoying on a minivan.
    Thank you,

  13. Dale Conour Says:

    I read in the 06 Prius owner’s manual that installing a roof rack can harm the GPS Nav system’s performance? Is this really an issue?

  14. Dave Says:

    I have a 2007 Camry with the JBL Navigation/sound system and would like to use the nav while moving as well as remove the “I agree” step that you addressed for the Prius. Do you have a solution for this scenario yet?

  15. Robin Says:

    Essentially the same question as Dave’s, but for a 2006 Sienna. Is there a hack that permits destination entry while moving?

  16. Robert D Says:

    Love the Prius hack - will it work with the Lexus LS 400? If not, do
    you know anyone who can do it? That, ‘I Agree’ is killing me.

  17. todd abraham Says:

    I thought the LS 400 predated the factory Nav wave, depending on the year 1990-2000 then the 430———-

    Is it factory or aftermarket? If it is aftermarket look at by passing the park trip wire.

    I do replacement leather for them, so I am in the car, but don’t mess with the dash.

  18. Ed M Says:

    When will Lockpick be available for 2007 Camry

  19. Tom L Says:

    I would be VERY interested in having such an override for the 2007 Lexus IS-250. The fact that the nav system cannot be used when driving is ridiculous. Please help!!

  20. Andrew Till Says:

    This is all very interesting stuff. I have a 2003 Sienna with the JBL GPS, any info on hacks would be appreciated. The other thing I find irritating is the DVD doesn’t play when moving, my wife who sits in the passenger seat can’t watch a movie on long trips, any info would be appreciated.

  21. Floyd Says:

    I would like to know if there is a hack or conversion available to allow a US spec 2006 Prius use a European Navigation. Toyota has been very “irritating” in this. Nothing like a $1000 addition that turns out to be pretty worthless in Germany (or Europe, for that matter).

  22. Dan O'Leary Says:

    Do you have a similar kit for the 2006 Toyota Avalon GPS Navigation System?

  23. Bill L Says:

    Will this work on the 2007 Camry system. I am installing the OEM Nav system in a Hybrid which did not have it originally and it would be great. Also, do you have the stock connectors available for the unit. I would really likew to make a wiring harness to create a clean changeover.


  24. skeo Says:

    Hi, will this hack for a 2005 toyota/lexus gps unit ?

  25. Bob Says:

    Lot’s of people have asked the question about an aftermarket GPS that uses the built-in Prius screen but I haven’t seen an answer. Does anyone know of such a product? Without the GPS all the hacks from Coastal are moot.

  26. Alan puzarne Says:

    Will this “plug in” work on the 2007 prius?

  27. Frank Piper Says:

    Please, please email us when you can sell us an override for the nav lockout on the 2006 Prius.

  28. Brian Says:

    Can the 05 prius nav play dvd’s? please email me a response

  29. Sergiy Says:

    I was wondering whether Toyota Prius 2007 GPS understand Garmin maps. If not, do you know what specific GPS make/model Toyota Prius 2007
    uses for onboard navigation.

  30. Jim Says:

    I just purchased a 2007 Camry Hybrid with the NAV system will this NAVIGATION ENHANCEMENT KIT work on the Camry.

  31. Jennifer Says:

    I have a 2007 Camry with the GPS system in it. I was wondering if you know whether or not I can switch out the North America Map DVD with a European as I have been stationed in Germany. If it is possible, do you know where I can get a new Map DVD? Thanks in advance for a response!

  32. Andrew A. Dawson Says:

    I, like so many others that have been asking, have a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. I would like to use this sytem while I am driving the car. I don’t mind so much the I agree function. Please e-mail me and let me know if there is a kit that I can use to override the graying out features that happen when I drive?


  33. Bob Sears Says:

    As soon as you have a product for the ’07 Lexus IS 250, I’d like to buy it from you. Can you let me know?

  34. Kim Miller Says:

    Thank you, thank you, about time someone took my money and offered a solution to this. This “no touch” while driving practically invites a disaster while trying to hurry before the light changes.

  35. J. Stark Says:

    Do you sell this kit for the 2007 Prius yet? If not, do you have an EPA?

  36. jimmy Says:

    Will the $99 kit work on the 07 Camry with factory navigation so I
    can change destination without stopping the car?

  37. Steve Says:

    Does the kit work on a ’07 Lexus ES 350?

  38. Dave Says:

    Coastal doesn’t respond to email…I’ve asked them twice about their product….I’m not sending them my money! It’s a shame cause I’d like to buy it, but I can just imagine what their customer service must be like….

  39. Gus Thomasson Says:

    My lockpick for my 04 Prius does nothing? I had it installed professionally and checked but the unit is not functional. I would lik to exchange it for another one or at least have it checked out. Please advise.


  40. Karen Rudnick Says:

    Do you make a system that hacks the 2005 Avalon GPS?

  41. toni Says:

    i have 07 lexus is 250 does it work with it?also with the dvd-system? is this something that i can install myself?

  42. Jim Price Says:

    I know this is a far out question, but is it possible to have the factory install a GPS system in the coming 2008 Scion xB?

  43. Ian Bui Says:

    I too would like to know if one could use the MFD for an after-market GPS system (I own a 2007 Prius, pkg 3).

    So far no luck getting an answer from CoastalTech. Sounds like they’re a mom-n-pop shop without much by way of customer service. They seem to have some pretty nifty products, but at this point I’m quite reluctant to buy anything from them since they’re not very responsive.

    BTW, I used to live near Indialantic where CoastalTech is located. It’s a pretty laid back town on the beach near Melbourne, FL. Folks aren’t particularly fast-moving in that part of the world, and it can get quite annoying sometimes, especially when you must get something done in a hurry.

  44. Ron Smyrski Says:

    Hi - I am new to this kind of posting - Please forgive any errors or inappropriateness. I saw the question asking does the over-ride work on a 2007 Lexus ES-350. I have the same question, and specifically will it enable me (while my wife drives) to bring up a LIST of restaurants via: Map (Voice) — MapView — Display POI — List Local POI (which is currently “greyed out” on our car. Thanks for any and all help that can be provided.

  45. daniel Says:

    will this $99 product void my warrenty from toyota?

  46. Martin Says:

    how do I buy one?

  47. Jim Says:

    Do you have an enhancement kit for 2007 Toyota Camry?

  48. Marc Says:

    is this kit will work on a 2006 Tundra?

  49. Mark Says:

    Why is everyone asking about the availability of the hack for a 2007 camry here??

    You should click on the link to the manufacture of the device and bug them!!!!


  50. chi Says:

    I have a 2001 prius. I know I can get the factory navigation installed in japan but no in the US I have found. It has a touch sceen for audio and consumtion and a button for navigation but I cannot find it here. Do you have something?

  51. Benito A. Henriquez Says:

    an auto-lock function for the doors for a LEXUS landcruisser Toyota 2004

  52. susan Says:

    Does the Navigadget work on the ’07 Prius with Nav ?

  53. Larry Says:

    Is this system work on the 2005 Prius? If so, how do I purchase the kit?



  54. Darin Says:

    I’m interested in the unit for a lexus IS250 as well. I saw someone else asked but didn’t see a reply.

  55. Adrian Says:

    Is the Ultimate Lockpick 3 working in a European 2006 version of Prius. Does anybody know?

  56. imkzgcsjcc Says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! irpctsbhanx

  57. cindy Says:

    Is it works on the 2007 TOYOTA Highlander Limited also ?

  58. Jeff Schwartz Says:

    I posted an article about this on my blog at: http://www.jeffsstuff.com/blogs

    I am interested to know about the warranty implications of this as well as the implications with regard to insurance coverage as someone posted on another group that a hacked system may invalidate your auto policy (even though I can’t see how that could justify that).

    I think we should all stand up to Lexus / Toyota on this issue. Its a slippery slope people. Today, the nav system. Tomorrow it could be engines limited to the speed limit or some other thing trying to force us to use the car the way they want.

    The need to learn that WE are the customers. They should make products we want, not what they feel like selling to us.

  59. Rick Rohr Says:

    I purchased my 05 Prius new in Virgina and being in the Military have relocated to Hawaii. The Toyota Nav maps don’t cover Hawaii. Do you know where I can find Nav maps for the 2005 Prius to cover Hawaii?

  60. Paula B. Says:

    I have purchased a 2007 Prius, which I love, however, I did not purchase it with GPS. Can this be added later, and still use the display screen which is provided for evertthing else?

  61. Alan Says:

    I own a 2006 Prius with the factory installed Denso Nav system (I have ver 5.1 anD will upgrade if necessary). DOes your product work with the 2006 Prius?

  62. Joel Grosberg Says:

    Dear Sir,

    We would like to import GPS kits for Toyota Prius.
    Please send full technical material and quote 100-500 Pcs/order.

    Best regards

  63. Gerard Smith (The Netherlands) Says:

    @ Joel Grosberg, What country do you live in? I was thinking the same, we could use a lot of those things in Europe. I don’t see coastal reacting on the forum. I hope they react through the e-mail. I own a model 2007 Prius with nav and i know lots that do and would like to buy this feature.
    @ Coastaletech, would like to get my hands on one very soon to see if it works an show the in The Netherlands.


  64. Gordon Says:

    I have a 2002 Prius with factory GPS . It worked fine up to about a month ago . Now it ask for DVD data. Can someone tell me what is wrong and where I can get it fixed. Dealer can’t fix it. or won’t.. They want to sell me a new one..


  65. Stan Spotts Says:

    I just got a 2007 Toyota Avalon Limited, and would LOVE to have this for my GPS.

  66. Greg Griffin Says:

    Recently purchased a 2007 Tundra Crew Max with a JBL Navigation system. Will the navigation enhancement system take of the requirement for the “I accept” on my system?

  67. aftermarketreceivers.check4cheap.com » Blog Archive Says:

    […] hack your Toyota Prius GPS Navigation System — NaviGadget pilot III in your VW; Motorcycle GPS hack - cheap Zumo We make additions all the time, please check back on possible to hack into the Prius display with an aftermarket GPS system? I have gps receivers […]

  68. NAV override - Page 2 - Tundra Truckz Says:

    […] was the product I was talking about: hack your Toyota Prius GPS Navigation System — NaviGadget It seems a lot easier than tearing the dash apart! Also, I have been reading up more on making a […]

  69. Madelon Says:

    Hello. I hope you can help me… we import the Toyota Camry in the Netherlands from the USA. The problem is to get the navigation work in Europe. Is there a trick or a special DVD we can use? Many thanks in advance.

    Gr. Madelon Dijkstra

  70. j bielby Says:

    I am having the same challenge in respect of my 1999 Toyota Prius. The motor car has a Toyota Sat-Nav system installed, but nobody seems to know how to make the system work in New Zealand. I find that I am navigating somewhere in Japan! I should have thought that a DVD driver disk would be available. I hope that you find something out about this problem , as it is a shame to see the equipment going to waste.

  71. J. Boyer Says:

    I have a 2005 Prius without the NAV feature. Do you know if I can plug-in a NAV unit & display from from a wrecked 2005? Are the appropriate plugs the same. Would I need anything else to make it work?

  72. Adam Says:

    HI i have an 06 Lexus IS350 and the only thing that makes me mad about it is the “I Agree”screen so if you can help me in any way to get rid of it please let me know . It’s just way to stressing to me. Thanks.

  73. Madelon Says:

    We import the Toyota Camry from the USA and we like to get the navigation work in Europe. We’ve tried everything, even called Toyota in Holland, USA and Japan. But nobody seems to have the solution. Please, please, can you help us and lots of other customers with a worthless dvd navigation?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Madelon Dijkstra-Holland

  74. Dave Ellis Says:

    Is there a “fix” for the Navigation system in my 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid that will allow me to input information while the vehicle is moving?

  75. Dan Cayem Says:

    I just purchased an 08 prius and i was wondering if the nav hookup would work for my new car. I would love to get the product. Just let me know.

  76. Saleem Says:

    I have 2006 Prius. It is package 3. How do i know if it has GPS ready system. As far as display i don’t find any option or mark that says map etc. how much it cost and where?

  77. Ray Nowak Says:

    Will the Prius Hack system work on the 2007 and will it allow access to the Audio functions that are locked out over 5 mph.

  78. Robert Herman Says:

    Do you have any override for my 2006 Sienna with version 6.1?

  79. ray woods Says:

    can i use this modification to connect a backup camera to the preius display?

  80. Melissa Says:

    I’d be happy to donate towards an override for the Toyota Sienna 04 and the Camry 07 Navigation Systems :-) I want to be able to keep moving while entering an address.

  81. Bob Tucker Says:

    I see lots of questions above for the Camry. I just purchased the 2008 Camry with the nav system (and it’s really and awful system, btw) but would like this hack as well so it can be a little more friendly. Please let me know if this is available for my car.


  82. wheeloff Says:

    can any of you shed light on this: map update for 03 landcruiser factory nav. syst. that is outdated, is there other sources besides my stick-it-to you local toyota dealer, and any other kits to cure all the annoyances listed by others on this blog

  83. David Peterson Says:

    It is rarely, if ever, the cost of ownership for hybrid vehicles is discussed. Recent Internet research efforts found little published on support issues for hybrid vehicles incorporating advanced electronic technology. I recently discovered the hidden costs associated with the ownership of my 2006 Toyota Prius when I inquired about software upgrades to correct erroneous directions I was getting from the vehicles integrated GPS system.

    The dealership Parts Manager informed me that yes, the newest Version Seven of the Toyota GPS software is a whopping $350.00. Furthermore, once installed one cannot go back to earlier versions if there are glitches in the new version. No warranty, no excuses, just try it at your own risk.

    Being quite shocked I confirmed the price with the dealership Service Manager. Upon confirming the upgrade price ($350.00, plus tax) I informed him, and any who would listen at the dealership, that I considered such a fee usurious, and way beyond a reasonable amount for the product offered; to no avail of course.

    Consider that a new version of Microsoft Windows Vista, that runs run multiple programs on your computer, costs less than this Toyota GPS software upgrade. More to the point, one can purchase an off the shelf, vehicle mountable, stand alone GPS for less than the cost to update Toyota’s system.

    Leaving the dealership stunned at the price, I seriously considered ways I could duct-tape a hand held GPS over the front to the cars map screen. The Garmen or Magellan GPS systems are suitably sized, and with some wrangling, one might be able to retrofit this white elephant.

    I do not like being taken advantage of and beyond my feeble efforts as a single consumer to get this unfair, predatory pricing done away with; it is my hope that some enterprising software company may read this and be able to find a way to produce an independent product at a more competitive price.

  84. Steven L Robinson Says:

    Will the Toyota Prius GPS Navigation System hack work on my Lexus RX400h. If not is there one that will?

  85. Bhuvnesh Says:

    I purchased TOYOTA CAMRY 2008 LE. It does not have navigation. I would like to install dash navigation with Rear View Camra . Will toyota do it for me ? I am ready to pay .

  86. Ken Koppel Says:

    Will it work on the 2007 Camry Hybrid ?????

  87. jim Says:

    Do you have this type of module/harness for the 2008 4runner?

  88. JimBob Says:

    People, do you see any answers coming from this comments section? Are you all brain dead? Go to the flipping website for the manufacturer, as someone else has already pointed out.


  89. JerryW Says:

    I don’t believe the manufacturer’s website will be any more helpful than this one. What you really need is a USER GROUP; I have seen answers to nearly ALL of the above questions posted there. If you own a Prius, and are American try:
    If you are European try:
    If you are based in the UK either try to love Europe or alternatively try:

  90. Jerry Says:

    Is there a “fix” for the Navigation system in my 2008 Toyota Siena that will allow me to input information while the vehicle is moving?

  91. Kevin Says:

    I have a 2008 Prius with Factory Installed Navigation. Will this device work on it (Navigation enhancement kit)?

    It does not have the “I agree” statement poping up, but I cannot change the address while the car is moving.


  92. John Dyke Says:

    Do you have a defeat for the locked out items in motion for the 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid Denso unit?

  93. my.IS - Lexus IS Forum - Couple nav questions Says:

    […] need to rewrite the nav disk structure and recompile/author the dvd. but here a link i found…. hack your Toyota Prius GPS Navigation System — NaviGadget nav dvds can only be updated not downgraded. once you put 7.2 disc in you cant take it out and put […]

  94. j Says:

    I didn’t get a navigation disk with my used Prius, and when the MAP button is pushed, it says that the external device is not hooked up. Does this mean that I need to get the disk, first, and then this Navigation Enhancement Device, or is this in place of getting the disk? Can anyone answer this?

  95. Marie Says:

    You don’t need this thing. There is a maintenance override that lets you put in a destination while moving (well, the passenger, OF COURSE). On our 2004 prius, you go to the volume setting screen, touch the upper left corner of the screen, the lower left, the upper left, the lower left (yup up down up down) Then you’ll get the maintenance screen. Press and HOLD the Override button. The system will beep and that button will highlight. There are some other cool things here like sat data, and error corrections and stuff too. Then hit the “back” button to get back out. No other buttons will work until you do.

    I don’t know how many years of systems this will work for but search for “maintenance override” in the google and you may find more info.

  96. Andre Says:

    I have a just purchased a 98 Toyota Altezza and it has a standard built in, incar gps voice navigation system in it. I managed to find the software for it in the boot of the car and ejected a CD rom with the Japan navigation software on it. Can I get a New Zealand CD rom anywhere????

  97. John Says:

    Well done! You have gone one step further than me with my 1999 Prius. How can one find software in a carboot? I thought that I would need to take the driver’s seat out to access the GPS unit in order to remove the CD. I do not know where to get a suitable NZ CD for this purpose. It is annoying to have the vehicle tracked by a satellite and not receive any benefit. I feel sure that there must be a compatible CD somewhere. Nobody, including Toyota, seems to know very much about these things. I will continue the hunt. Please advise if you get anywhere.

  98. Paul Holman Says:

    I have 2008 Avalon. Do you have unit that corrects these damned Toyota Navigation problems?

  99. Comment on hack your Toyota Prius GPS Navigation System by Paul Holman | Toyota Serwis Says:

    […] post by Paul Holman and software by Elliott Back « Autosalonsocialisme Toyota tests satellite service […]

  100. Sarah Says:

    Too many of us are having problems with the navigation system we bought for our Prius or other Toyota car.
    If you really want to make a difference, please find a way for us to input a street address when we are sitting there even if it doesn’t register on the system.
    The fact the system doesn’t allow that is inidcative of the greedy buttheads at Toyota who only want our money by forcing us to buy upgrades that aren’t even COMPLETE and accurate.
    They don’t care that their system is substandard!

  101. Comment on hack your Toyota Prius GPS Navigation System by Comment … | Toyota Serwis Says:

    […] post by Comment on hack your Toyota Prius GPS Navigation System by Paul Holman | Toyota Serwis and software by Elliott Back « Valence Technology Announces It is Supplier of Lithium […]

  102. William Says:

    I am looking for a defeat for the 2008 Highlander GPS so I can watch DVDs while moving and enter navigational information. Please let me know if anyone finds anything… BillJr106 on hotmail.

  103. gord Says:

    I have a 2006 highlander with the nav, is this the same systym as the prius and will this hack work for me

  104. BooE Says:

    Anyone out there know how to hack the mirrors on a 2007 Prius in order to make the passenger side tilt down when in reverse? Thx

  105. Fred Says:

    I really want to buy this for my 2007 Highlander Limited.

    Is it ready?

    BTW: do you answer questions?

    An FAQ would be cool

  106. JS Says:

    Looking for a solution for the 2007 Toyota Sienna. The left screen up/down thing does not seem to work for 07’s and later. Any ideas?

  107. Joe Stayton Says:

    Do you have something to bypass the nav. on my 2008 camry .
    Please say yes !
    Thx Joe

  108. Rimviux Says:

    I just imported 00 Toyota Altezza with buid in voice sat & tv navigation from japan..
    what i need to get it working in Ireland..? and how much it cost?

  109. Jim Barger Says:

    I have a 2008 Landcruiser-do you have a hack for my Nav system?

  110. Parker Buckley Says:

    I just learned that it will cost $260 to upgrade the GPS map in my 04 Prius. Are there any alternatives other than the dealer route to do this? The advantages of a seperate GPS are becoming more apparent….


  111. Doug Says:

    I have a 2007 camry hybrid 6.1 nav system and would like to purchase a kit that will enable all features of the nav system while in motion, bluetooth phone, destinations et al.
    Do you provide such a product?


  112. Doug Says:

    Can you be reached by phone. I am in Canada so your 800# is no good to me.

  113. Joe Stayton Says:

    I would love to be able to use my nav.(2008 Camry) while in motion.Any help would be awsome !!

  114. Joseph M. Says:

    Here’s an idea. since Toyota is so interested in what their customers want. why not just make all these accessories that most people Can’t or Won’t install because of the complexity factor, and make it possible for people to just buy the car with ALL these goodies and gadgets? Oh, by the way, how about a hack that lets us plug the car in rather than use gasoline? another invention Toyota just has siting in the research and development department. really tics me off. But, I do appreciate that these devices are made available, problem is, I’m not willing to void my warranty on anything on my Prius. so I’m back to question one, when will Toyota offer such devices as standard equipment. Geeze.

  115. sherri lex Says:

    I haev a 2005 toyota sequoia. It needs an updated navigation Cd. Is there one available cheaper than the dealer that works just as good?
    Also I would like to be able to work the navigation system while in motion also (by the passenger of course) but I inquired a while back at Audio Toys that installs after market & they said it could not be done. My navigation also becomes a 2nd television while stopped & the emergency brake is on. Is there a way to override that also?

  116. Milton Harris Says:

    Will the Prius hack device work on 08 Sienna? So I can navigate will moving? If so, how do I order?

    Milton Hharris

  117. HP Cheah Says:

    I am from Malaysia and had just bought a Japan version Toyota Camry 06.
    It is the Dignis Edition with all the option in.
    My problem is the Navigation and display terminal, it is in Japanese.
    Is there any way the language be changed to English without affecting the performance.
    Also can anyone tell me, is the Navigation system for Japan version Camry 06 a JBL or Fuji-Ten or others.

  118. duckhyrbids Says:

    great- now all the f*** conceited hybrid drivers in america will be rear ending me as they sip their f**** lattes and type in their destinations into their *** car navi screen when they should be watching the god damn road god damnit *******!

  119. Peter James Says:

    I have a 2007 Camry with factory nav, and would like to buy the harness for my Toyota, just need to know that it will work. Please let me know, Thanks, Peter.

  120. Adam Says:

    I have an 05 Pruis and need to upgrade the gps software. do you have the software or do you know where I can get it? Thanks

  121. Sam Says:

    I own a 2005 prius, I upgraded the software to 2006, since then I’m not able to override the grayout through the vol. screen.
    Will that device work in my car?

  122. Darek Says:

    I was wondering if your company did upgrades and voice changes for GM GPS in car devices?

  123. nemo Says:

    hi, i have a toyota wish 2003 model with built in GPS from japan.. is there’s anyway i can reformat the navigator into english version and upload the Malaysia map to make full use of it? any dvd rom that you can offer. thank you in advanced.

  124. jughooyai Says:

    hi, I am living in Thailand and bought a 2007 Estima Hybrid with built in GPS from Japan (G-Book). The screens are all in Japanese. Is it possible to convert that into English version? Also is it possible to upload the Thailand map for use with that GPS system, even that is in Japanese? Furthermore, can we use that GPS antenna to connect to other devices which read the Thailand map?
    Thank you for any suggestions!

  125. dcghst Says:

    How do you hack the GPS navigation system on a 2008 Prius to allow destination entry while the vehicle is moving?

  126. Stanley Says:

    Have new 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid with NAV system. Working in Europe now and complete nav touch up screen / nav is worthless. Any ways to upload European maps to nav system?

  127. I want to watch DVD's while I'm driving - TundraTalk.net - Toyota Tundra Discussion Forum Says:

    […] this: hack your Toyota Prius GPS Navigation System — NaviGadget I emailed them to see if they make a kit for the Tundra. __________________ ’07 5.7L CM Limited […]

  128. Talat Says:

    I have a 1999 Toyota Altezza that was imported from Japan. It has a factory voice navigation system that is in Japanese. Is there anyway I can change the language to English?
    Please reply…

  129. Nick Says:

    Hi I have a 2007 Dignis Edition Toyota Camry. But my problem is that all the screens and GPS system is in japanese. Is there any possible way in which this can be changed to English ? Please email me as soon as possible is anyone has any information

  130. albert Says:

    Hi I have toyota Estima 2006, But the problem is that when I change the battery of the Car I cannot use the CD/DVD player and the GPs system.The screen appear with japanese word. I got translated, and say that I need to have a CD to reactivate the system.The CD was no given by my seller . Is there anyone can help,please email me. would appreciates any help

  131. Tips Photo Says:

    Thanks for this post, I never knew you could hack these things.

  132. Bluex Says:

    Is The NAVIGATION ENHANCEMENT KIT will work with 2004 4Runner Navigation?


  133. Mike Says:

    Will this navigation enhancement kit work on the 2009 Prius?


  134. Judy Says:

    Hi. I would like to override my nav system in my 2007 highland (not hybrid). I had most current software installed in January so it may be what is in 2008 highlander. FRUSTRATED! Do you have anything that will do this. I called your number and the guy on the other end said you have nothing yet, but may in the next couple of months. Can I be notified when this happens.

  135. curleyrat Says:

    I purchased the technology to hack my 2007 Prius’ GPS and quickly returned it for credit! The “fix” doesn’t eliminate the “I agree” button and works only intermittently while the car is in motion. My assessment is that it is a failed device.

  136. Ray Says:

    Here is how to override the GPS system on your Toyota so that you can operate the normally disabled features while in motion. You have to do this each time you power back up, but it’s really quick and you can do this while in motion.

    Press the Menu Button, then the Volumn Icon to bring up the system volume levels. Do this next part twice ==> Press the Speaker Icon (upper left) then press the lower right (no icon). After you do this twice, a setup menu comes up. Press and hold the Override button for about five seconds. You should now be able to opererate the disabled features. Please do so safely, preferably have your passenger do this.

  137. Jeff Says:

    Does anybody know how to hack the 2009 Prius GPS to override the automatic lockout when moving? Does the Coastal Electronic override really work?

  138. Ray Says:

    Whoops, the part about do this twice should have been Do this next part twice ==> Press the Speaker Icon (upper left) then press the lower left (no icon).

    The hidden icon is in the lower left not the lower right.

  139. Karen Says:


    I have an ’05 Prius with DVD updated to the latest version (the ’07 update). I tried your hack, which I had read elsewhere, and it did not work. Nothing at all happened. Have they just deleted this hack in the update? Does anyone know where they moved it to? (It must be somewhere; it was a maintenance hack.)

  140. Sebastian Says:

    Hi All,
    I am Sebastian and would appreciate it if anyone can solve my problems to get my Gps work.
    I just imported one unit of the Toyota Land cruiser 4.5 Twin Turbo from UK to East Malaysia. With touch screen Gps.
    How to make my Toyota gps works in East Malaysia?
    Thank you very much for resd it.

  141. H Says:

    Hi, do you fix navigation system from japnes to english


  142. Jeff Says:

    Ray: Does the override process you desribed work on a 2009 Prius?

  143. Hel B Says:

    We imported a 2009 Prius from USA to Germany. The Toyota dealer is not able to update the navigation system with European maps, are you?

  144. joseph Says:

    I Have new 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid with NAV system. I Imported It To Israel and The complete nav touch up screen / nav is worthless. Any ways to upload Israeli maps to nav system?
    Also It Is Possible To Get A Backup Camera In This gps Monitor?


    Jo Herstik

  145. Walter P Says:

    Does this work for the Toyota Highlander Hybrid?

  146. Kathy Mahoney Says:

    I just recieved mine in the mail. I have a 2008 Toyota Prius. I understand it is a safety issue but when my husband is driving, I should be able to use it! Very annoying.
    The directions were clear and easy, altough I’m glad I read it twice.
    Installed in 2 min! Done and it worked!

  147. Mark Rivera Says:

    I have a 2007 Hybrid Toyota Camry with the 4 Disk Player and Navigation System. We bought it in April of 07 and it has an old map. Do you have up-to-date maps or can you direct me to where I can get one? Will your “I Agree, Destination tool” work on my system?
    Thanks, Mark

  148. Ray Says:

    My Prius is a 2005. The hack works great for me.

  149. Steve Says:

    I am interested in the bypass for a 2009 Camry Hybrid. Will it work in a 2009? As well I am looking for an updated GPS program. Can you help?

  150. dany Says:

    dear sir

    If will be able to help me to find a solution to the problem that I have?????

    I have company for sale of device
    gps {PND}
    I have many customers they have understood device inside the car.
    They are disinterested in the additional device they want that I will install to the map of the place in the device that exist that have in the vehicle,
    If you have solution is this


  151. Frans Says:

    Will this work on a 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Ltdafter I just installed the 9.1 version disk?
    Please E mail me back!

  152. Jerry Says:

    I have a 2008 Prius and am very frustrated when the GPS is not allowing my wife to input an address while I am driving. We have to stop the car to use the GPS. Is there some type of devise that I can add to my Prius to override the this? Hope you can help with an email answer.
    Thanks, Jerry

  153. Jerry Says:

    My 2008 Toyota prius has has put my mind in search for a new GPS that will work when I need it, not just in the garage or a parking lot. This GPS is user unfriendly if your on a trip. Do you know a way to bypass the no input while driving?
    Thank, Jerry

  154. Paul Says:

    I have a 2006 Toyota Avalon Limited and I need a update on my nvigation system. Can you help me? Thanks

  155. IMRAN Says:

    hi, 20 de janeiro de 2010.Eu importei de japao um landcruiser cygnus modelo 2004 e nao consigo utilizar o navigador porque ta tudo em letras japonesa ,quero saber se e possivel mudar para lingua inglesa ou portugues e nao consigo ligar o bluetooth tambem para ativar o tell,celular,por favor ajudame ,muito obrigado,maputo.mozambique.IMRAN

  156. Sergio Says:

    I have a Toyota Altezza 1998 , and the GPS is in Japanesse, I want to change to spanish language

    please help me



  157. SAIMON Says:


  158. Scott Says:

    About the Coastal mod:
    1) yes, it works; you can use the Nav system while driving
    2) it apparently works by tricking the Nav into thinking you’re not moving. As a result you can get some pretty odd behavior: the system won’t track your position for a while after you enter your destination (i.e., it’ll have you sitting right where you were for possibly quite some despite driving at highway speeds) and once it does resume, it can be quite a bit off in where it has you. It once showed me driving through a large lake and through a preserve without any roads until it finally reacquired my position quite some time later.

    In all, a mixed bag.

  159. Sergio Says:


    I buy a Altezza 1998 ang I have a problem whit the GPS system, because is in japanesse , and I need to change to spanish or english lenguage.
    Can you help me.


  160. exercise program Says:

    Thank you……

    Nice post….

  161. robert Says:

    Can I HOOK UP A Remote start ?

  162. teoman senkaya Says:

    how muc 06 prius navy kit

  163. keith hyslop Says:

    can i change my gps in my 1999 totota altezza from japiness to zew zealand maps thanks

  164. Chris Says:

    Is there any way to update the navigation maps in my 2008 prius without paying the $350 upgrade fee that the dealer wants to charge me?

  165. Faisal Sher Says:

    plz help.i have toyota prius 2007 japan addition.plz help out ,how to activate thr navigation system

  166. Thuy Says:

    Will this work with Toyota Prius v 2012?

  167. Joe G. Says:

    I may have missed it but has a 2006 Prius version been made yet. I would pay much more than $99 if a 2006 model edition comes out. Please email me with any updated info.

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  170. Rodrigo Says:


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  171. Nel Says:

    I have an 08 Toyota Avalon with Navigation. If I disconnect the navigation system will the information display screen default to look like the screens without navigation? I hate the screen display with navigation and I hate the factory navigation system in the car.

    Thank you.

  172. 4shared.com Says:


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  173. Jill Says:

    Has anybody ever answered these 172 questions?

  174. mapsource topo Says:

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  175. cheap radio pre paid phones Says:

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  176. Tim Says:

    will this take the place of the map dvd

  177. JJ Says:

    Do you have a system to convert 2009 prius japanese language to english.

  178. Mazen Ateyyat Says:

    hi, I moved to middle east and I shipped my toyota prius with me.So do u have a method to download the middle East maps and navigation to my car.

  179. hamed Says:

    hi dear, I shipped my toyota CAMRY 2010 to IRAN for my job . So do u have a method to download the IRAN maps and navigation to my car?

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