navigation system, DVD reader, and TV all in one: Panasonic Strada

panasonic strada

Panasonic revealed in Japan there are two new models of multi-media of navigation GPS systems for the new Strada range with CN-DS120D and CN-D050D.

These two models of GPS systems have a screen of a size of 7 inches and a reader DVD, only the DS120D making it possible to use this peripheral to view films and possèdant a port for memory board SD, leaving the possibility simultaneously and without handling of discs, to be able to view films and to use a system of navigation GPS on the apparatus of pocket.

If products of other marks like those of JVC or Kenwood also make it possible to have design features close to those of Strada de Panasonic, those if differentiate all the same from the similar models of these companies via the presence of a Tuner TV integrated, usable however only in Japan.

For the remainder, Strada de Panasonic have dimensions of 176mm X 137mm X 46mm for a weight of 1Kg, have an average receiver GPS of range making it possible simultaneously to collect only to 12 channels GPS and have wearing of entry and video exit.

Strada CN-DS120D is envisaged to be marketed as from next 10 May for a price of 115,500 Yen (820 €uros) while Strada CN-D050D will cost for its part 105,000 Yen (750 €uros), the whole for an availability on next 10 April… in French

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  1. NaviGadget » Blog Archive » Panasonic Strada Navigation Systems Says:

    […] Panasonic’s Panasonic had a presentation of their new GPS systems, the Strada Class F. These electronic marvels offer much more than GPS on their superb 7″ screen. These 152×91x177mm devices will give you the impression that you’re at home, because they offer 2 digital TV tuners, an SD slot, a CD drive, an iPOD connector, DVD player, audio is optimized for 5.1ch/4ch/2ch, connection to rearview camera (night vision possible) and a 40GB HDD to rip your own CD’s or store your pictures… […]

  2. Danny Halliday Says:

    I have a DVD car Navi station Modal CN-DV 250 but I am in New Zealand and would like to know how and what I need to have this system running here.
    thanks Danny

  3. ED Says:

    Hi Danny,

    If you have any luck can you let me know. I gather that if we can get an
    SD card with NZ nav details we nmay be someway there but I would have
    thought Panasonic would have something to convert the system from Japanese. I cannot find anything on line at this stage…Thanks ED

  4. Nick Says:

    I have a DVD car Navi station Modal CN-DV 155 D-MA and would like to know how and what I need to have this system running here in Mauritius as the language is in Japanese.
    thanks Nick

  5. Yan Says:

    hi Danny, i have the same model you have(cn dv250) i am in uk but can’t put my hands on a uk maps for it! you may got it by now,will you please halp??? can’t understand, sd card shold be ok to all units how suport it??isn’t it???

  6. Melissa Says:

    hello also in nz just got a car with one of these units in but it is all in japanese how do you get it to change to english please help?

  7. emma Says:


    has anyone found out how to change into english, we live in japan???

  8. rawle nurse Says:

    hi I have a DVD car navigation system for a CAMI a DV2000T so iwas wondering if your company can publish the manual for the navigation system and maybe the remote too in English.

  9. man Says:

    i have panasonic cn-dv250(japan) how i can change to english.. please help me

  10. Paul Says:

    do you still have yours?

  11. Paul Says:

    Hey guys I just got one of trademe and the looms broken can anyone help im in Auckland cash buyer

  12. Paul Says:

    0211420861 need one ASAP

  13. clive Says:

    Hi, I have CN-DV250 (Japan), need to change to read in English, Please help urgently..

  14. Owino David Says:

    Did anyone receive the answers to their queries? I have one CN D050D and cannot translate it to English. Does anyone know how to do this?

  15. tanzy Says:

    i have a panasonic kx-gt50 want to change language from japanees to english please help

  16. Mike Says:

    Has anyone managed to get the translation from japanese to English for the CN-DV250? Please share with me at

  17. Hess Says:

    Think all we CN-DV250 owners are going to have to learn Japanese! But even that won’t help with the GPS aspect. Looking at other sites, it seems there’s no product that will re-programme the GPS function to work in the country we are in. [NZ in my case] What I’d really like to know is how to turn the darn thing off so that it doesn’t rear it’s head every time you turn on the ignition.

  18. JAYJAY Says:

    Hi, I have CN-DV250 (Japan), need to change to read in English, Please help urgently..

  19. Bimal Says:

    Hess I kept pressing random buttons and my Japanese woman shut up forever now. :) LoL

  20. assif Says:

    Sorry i have bought a car with a panasonic cn-dv 255 dvd/navigator and need to change the language from japanese to english. Please help

  21. joel Says:

    i have a cn-dv250 dvd car deck but i need to change it from japanese to english. i really need it,

  22. Shane Says:

    i have a cn-dv 155 but it doesnt recognise the dvd or the sd card i tried to use. any help would be appreciated

  23. edward mukama Says:

    can get a panasonic/strada dvd car navi:cn-dv250 or equivalent that is in english language?

  24. kamal Says:

    i want to know that this Panasonic device can operate in english language or not ?

  25. kamal Says:

    how can i change language in English model Panasonic strada CN-DS120D ?

  26. tutu Says:

    how to change language

  27. tutu Says:

    how to change language in english model panasonic cn hds620d

  28. tutu Says:

    how to change language in english model panasonic strada CN-HDS620D plz fast slove it

  29. robbie Says:

    I have a model#HDS910 Strada panasonic with nav system dvd tv audio etc…how do i change it to nz functions or to work here plz help…

  30. robbie Says:

    came with the car i just brought and it plays dvd with interuptions tv abit blurry and black & white

  31. john Says:

    Hi, I have CN-DV250 (Japan), need to change to read in English,

  32. Nasir Tagelasir Says:

    I have Panasonic strada cn-dv250 in Japanese Map. How can I used it in UAE or gulf countries?
    How I can change to read in English?

  33. njagi Says:

    Hasnt anyobe found a sokution, cn dv 255 panasonic owner

  34. willie Says:

    don’t understand why this my strada is behaving, suddenly it becomes num and refuses to do anything,when playing music, it will jst cut in 2 minutes and then restarts itself…. totally annoying

  35. terry Says:

    have panasonic strata unit,dvd,gps, reverse camera,camera works ok the rest needs converting to english settings

  36. Ildi Says:

    Hi, I have a Panasonic Strada CN-GP50 navi sytem and I would like to find a replacement battery for it. If I am correct Panasonic is not making this model anymore, so no replacement battery is available from them. I found on Amazon a very similar battery made for TomTom navi systems. (3.7V, 2400mAh Li-ion, three cable) Do you think it will work with my panasonic navigation? Thanks a lot!

  37. mamuka Says:

  38. samuel sangwani Says:

    how do i change the settings to English cant do any thing with its a strada CN-DV155 please help

  39. Eugena Says:

    How to convert my panasonic strada cn-hds955 to english…… it is also freezing and constantly restarting

  40. Bitu Says:

    i have a Japanese car with Panasonic strada navigation TV DVDs all in all , model CY- ET908D CNHZDS700TD ? How can I change it to English and install navigation system of Southern Africa .

  41. Amjad Ali Ikram Says:

    Hi, I recently purchased Toyota bit 2013 model from Pakistan. It has a strada dvd navigation system CN S 310 WD panasonic brand. It’s all in Japanese and I couldn’t use it due to language barrier. Can some one send me it’s manual at
    Best regards, Amjad.

  42. Amjad Ali Ikram Says:

    Hi, model of my car is Toyota Vitz 2013, with Panasonic strada CN S 310 WD . I need English Manual for using applications like DVD, Radio,Navigation etc. My email is
    Best regards,
    Engineer Amjad Ali Ikram
    (MS- Engineering, PMP-USA,CCM-USA)

  43. Darwin Rodriguez Says:

    I got a strada Panasonic HDS625D in japanese. I need it to convert into spanish or english.
    Can you help me please


  44. jason Says:

    Hi I have received a cn dv250 strada have installed in my car but do not know which wire gets connected to the handbrake cable to view movies I had to buy a after market cable to power it up but the schematics should still be the same please help with a pic

  45. Nini Says:

    Hi i have Panasonic Strada CN-DV155 and if somebody knows how it works and how i can play dvd please tell me :x i wount navigator only dvd for music

  46. Ariku Desu Says:

    have i panasonic strada CN DV250 in english is speaking. how to put to speak in Japanese? me english only a little.

  47. Joji Thomas Says:

    26-nov-2016 at 12;45pm
    Has anyone managed to get the translation from japanese to English for the CN-DV250? Please share with me at

  48. Shahid Says:

    i have strada dvd navigation system CN S 310 WD panasonic brand. i need its software, Please if anyone knows the url / link from where I can download or if someone can share me its software. Thanks

  49. bormon Says:

    I have panasonic strada cn-dv 255 tv/ navi.I am from bangladesh. need help,how change language from japanise to english. thanks

  50. Rikus Says:

    hi i have bought a new car in nz and it has one of these Panasonic cn-hds910d strada systems in and i think there are some stuff missing and would also lime to know where can i get the stuff that i need and more information on the system

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